Inlay Lake Burma

Inla Lake Burma

Inle Lake View Resort & Spa is located on the western edge of Lake Inle with direct access to the lake from the hotel jetty. Trip to Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma) with Ker & Downey. The Inle Lake Travel opens up a world of unique cultures, floating farms and peaceful luxury resorts. Ile Lake is probably one of Burma's most anticipated places, and all the hype is justified. Situated on the edge of the canal that leads to beautiful Inle Lake in the colourful Southern Shan State village of Nyaung Shwe.

Lake Inle

Lake Inle is one of Burma's most visited tourist attractions, and rightly so - because it is a place of real nature wonder. Burma's fishermen's picture has become a landmark, and the on stilts on its banks have given it the name "Venice of the East".

Situated in the middle of the Nyaung Shwe Valley in South Shan State, Lake Inle is the second biggest lake in Myanmar. Intha' (native lake dwellers) have created a uniquely one-legged oar to sail the lake, while fishers use large conic trawls to landing their catches - a technology that has become known to innumerable travelling tourists in recent years.

About 120 towns encircle the lake, many of which cultivate their products in a swimming farming technology, whereby meter-thick disks of dense flora are trimmed from the lake bank, swum to their place and fastened with bamboos sticks, so that they can stand up and drop with the level of the lake. Inle' s guests can spend the night in one of the many lakeside resort or in the small city of Nyaung Shwe (pronounced with a quiet "N"), where a number of small cafes and bars offer a little more variety in the day.

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Burmese fisherman who stand on one foot and are fishing in nice snaps.

Skilful techniques allow fishers to search for reed in the waters and keep both arms free to manipulate the unwieldy web. The photographer David Lazar paid a visit to Inle Lake in the Taunggyi District of Shan State, Myanmar, also known as Burma, where the unmistakable fisherman are a permanent part.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, the 32-year-old said: "Her subtle balancing ability is the fruit of the practice of technique from a child. They begin their days on the lake just before sunrise and capture some of the freshwater catches that are later marketed. Fishers then impale through the small opening in the top of the net.

I was very agitated and priviledged to be with these fishers at this place by the lake - it is quite animating when you are there. In the lake, known as Intha, there are four cities and a number of small communities along the lakefront. The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, one of the biggest Buddha celebrations in Burma, is held in September and October.

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