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For the best Indonesian food in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Indonesian restaurants in London. We have some excellent dishes in Indonesia. Genuine Indonesian cuisine in the heart of London's West End. Immediately order delivery online from Indonesia Restaurant in Philadelphia! Indonesia Napier NZ Restaurant, Napier, New Zealand.

London's Best Indonesia Restaurant with Great Amenities - Nusa Dua, London Traveller Reviews

The Nusa Dua has a large selection of indonese dishes. Can I find my favourite indonese salad: gado-gado with tasty groundnut sauces. Her Laksa (like vegetable and sea foods ) - is also very tasty with a large dish. Also we tried the luncheon kit, a mixture of indonian cuisine on a plate: Reis, satay, Perkedel, captay, emphing (melinjo-cracker), sambal - with genuine indonian flavor.

The satay (chicken and lamb) meats and the gravy are also very good........ It is not only her tasty meal, but also the equipment is great! Being Muslims, they have a room where we can say our prayers.... we can also reserve the conference room with its own caraoke area.

Icelandic restaurant in West End Bali Bali in London

When asked to describe indonese cuisine, many will say: "It is a crossing between indians and chinese". Kind of like saying a lizard is a crossing between a cats and zebras. OK, part of the meal is warm - but that is a European heritage (with chilli from Latin America).

Indonesian, like most kitchens, has many different languages - yes, Mandarin and Hindi, but also Netherlandish, Portuguese, Malay, Mediterranean.... and even a little English if you look closely. Speaking of chili heating, we always suggest our guests a good meal: sometimes pungent, sometimes gentle, sometimes spicy and sometimes pungent.

When you find that your dish is not as sharp as you would like it to be, ask for some of our tasty margarine sauces. When you are new to us, please ask a waitress for help. Better still, take a few of your buddies with you so you can all try a few meals - BaliBali is a funny and pleasant restaurant: ideal for a party, but also ideal for a peaceful dinner.

Unfortunately, if you are allergic to nuts, our restaurant is not suitable. If you would like to know how you would like your meal to be seasoned, please take the opportunity to speak to our team.

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