Indian Visa Yangon

Yangon Indian Visa

The visa fees usually depend on the duration and your home country. On the Indian side, you will need to apply for a border passport and visa. There is a fee for each applicant applying for a French visa. Periodic application fees for the submission of a French visa application: If you plan to visit Mandalay or Yangon, then this is the gate for you.

Yangon Indian Visa

Hello, I plan to go from Chiang Mai to India through Myanmar in Dec. Apparently it is no longer possible for non-residents to obtain an Indian visa in Thailand. In a recent article I saw that it was still possible to get an Indian visa in Yangon until last July.

Embassies in Thailand do not issue visa, but the Indian Visa and Passport Application Center do. OK, I found info on their website saying that the Indian consulate in Thailand is moving the visa facility to a third party. Sure. All information from or about someone who has recently received a visa in Bangkok would be welcome, if possible with information such as handling period, visa length, etc.....

All information about Yangon would actually be welcome. Since at least 2007, the Indian Embassy has moved its visa department to Bangkok. Hello, I just got an Indian visa and you can get an Indian e-tourist visa now. Go to the Indian Embassy in your own countries and make the payment on-line.

Then you will receive a mail by e-mail, which you will use on your arrival in India and will receive your visa. You cannot spend more than 30 nights and an enrolment is not possible. I' d suggest that you visit the website of the Indian Consulate in your home state.

Yes, the grocery billboard wanted a visa longer than 30 nights, just like me. lndia is a great place 30 t long enough is not. For whatever reasons, the Indian Embassy in Bangkok and the Chiang Mai Embassy unfortunately issue 30 working nights instead of the last 6 month.

I' m keeping this as a backup, but a buddy who travels the same way named the Indian embassy in Yangon, and they said they can provide 6 mothers. I' ll publish a full account in mid-December. Hello, about accommodation, I haven't been to Myanmar yet, but I will also do so.

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