Indian Visa in Yangon

Yangon Indian Visa

Completed and printed online visa application form, including an uploaded photo. On arrival, Indians can apply for a Myanmar Evisa or Myanmar visa for tourist or business purposes. Burma visa for Indian requirements. This quiet, clean and little known library is open to the public (and visitors to Yangon) and is located behind the Indian Embassy in Yangon. Indian Consulate General in Mandalay, Myanmar .

Myanmar Holders' India Visa in the United States of America

ETA e-Visa India are dual entrance visa. If this is your first arrival in India and you present ETA to the immigration officer, an e-visa stamp will appear on your e-visa card. You must enter India for the second time within 60 working day of that date. Up to 2 of them can be exhibited within one year.

For further travel, please contact your Indian embassy for a visa. Ex-Indian nationals who have been naturalised must present a copy of the cancelled waiver form or certificate of return to submit an application. or seaports: Travellers can, however, leave any of the Authorised ICPs in India.

A journalist visa is required for any journalist, writer, photographer, designer and those who work with India's medium.

Apply for Indian Visa in Yangon

Visit Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon, and apply for your Indian visa? - a grown-up Gap Year, careers pause, taking a holiday - call it what you like. We set a good example and want to encourage you to take 6 months or 1 year out of your everyday lives to visit the whole globe and really live it!

Library of the Indian Embassy

This tranquil, neat and little-known Yangon Reading Room is open to the general population ( and to Yangon visitors) and is located behind the Indian Embassy in Yangon. It is a small, tranquil and humble collection of welcoming and orientating English-speaking book-keepers and aides. A number of Indian Hindi and English papers and periodicals are only a few short months out of date, but a good source of reading for anyone interested in Indian, local and international issues.

I' m informed that the bookcase contains over 8000 British editions, and I saw for myself that they use the Dewy cataloguing system. The number of Indian language versions is also the same. I was particularly interested in the quite impressing historical collections in the archive. Of course, there is a lot about Indian culture, but it wasn't long ago that Burma/Myanmar was part of India among these damned Brits.

And if you like Indian writing, you'll have a good time. There is a seperate fiduciary book set on a wood staircase in the archive. You can borrow 2 periodicals for 2 or 1 period. You can extend your stay if there are no bookings for these titles.

Reservations can be made at the desk of the BIB. The members cannot lend new accounts until they give back their past due accounts. Encyclopaedias and newspapers cannot be borrowed. You have to be careful with your accounts. In case of lost or damaged copies the double price will be calculated.

Wherever China encounters India: If you have a moment and are in Yangon city centre, I suggest a stop. While it does not have the web like the British Council Library, American Centre etc., the ambience is a peaceful one that should allow you to delve into any number of volumes from this rather impressing series.

At the entrance you will be welcomed by a large sculpture of a learned Gandhi in the middle of the main room of the school.

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