Indian need Visa for Myanmar

Myanmar: Indians need visa for Myanmar

Your visa does not permit entry into Myanmar. All other countries must apply for a visa before entering Indonesia. I work as Third Secretary at the Embassy of Nepal in Yangon, Myanmar. Are Indians in need of a visa for Indonesia or a free visa? I' ve heard that there is a road between India-Myanmar-Thailand.

Myanmar Holders India Visa with Singapore Residence

ETA e-Visa India are dual entrance visa. If this is your first arrival in India and you present ETA to the immigration officer, an e-visa stamp will appear on your e-visa card. You must enter India for the second time within 60 working day of that date. For further travel, please contact your Indian embassy for a visa.

Ex-Indian nationals who have been naturalised must present a copy of the cancelled waiver form or certificate of return to submit an application. or seaports: Travellers can, however, leave any of the Authorised ICPs in India. A journalist visa is required for any journalist, writer, photographer, designer and those who work with India's medium.

Indian Visa in Yangon (Myanmar)?

From our recent experience I wanted to include some further information about the Indian visa and the MTT permission for the Tamu/Moreh crossing: As to the questionnaire itself: You must complete, printout and personally hand in the onlineform. They MUST have the holographic image on the PLUS photo on-line registration sheet.

A way to attach the image is through a pass image file that we have used, but you can also go to Gateways'71 Traves, which is near No. 98, GF. 35th Street, ph. 388082. You can also re-enter the task for yourself. First they gave us a pickup date that was 5 working nights later than 3, so we made a begging and they "made a call" and then altered the pickup date to 72 h.

They don't need accurate changes. But we got a six-month visa in 72 hrs, at least that's good tidings. Tamu/Moreh mountain bike licence: First we thought we had to await the Indian visa in our hands, but it turned out that YOU DO NOT.

In the end we went to 7 diamonds who first said that we can't get the approval because you need 2 week (our Myanmar visa should expire in 12 days). As soon as we were in the 7 diamond visa, the employee consented to try, phoned MTT Bureau and approved the permits immediately.

All they needed was a copy of our pass and Myanmar's visa (which we didn't have, they agreed). All they asked was that we mail them a copy of our Myanmar visa when we get our passes back. No one asked at all for Indian visa, but we just e-mailed them as soon as we had them.

Please be aware that they would only give us permission to pass the limit for the days before the last date on our Myanmar visa, so remember.

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