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Sri Lanka Map of India

Map of natural hazards in India with the different natural disaster areas in India. TIKKA TOURS will show you an authentic India & Sri Lanka travel experience. Sril Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean, separated from India by the Palk Strait. It shares maritime borders with the Maldives and India. Sri Lanka, known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", is a beautiful island with an interesting past.

Srilanka Map of India, Map of India and Srilanka

India and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka are neighboring the Asian region. There are no territorial boundaries, but are divided by sea boundaries. The Palk Road, a isthmus between Tamil Nadu in India and the Mannar area of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, divides the two states.

The Adamsbrücke, a string of swarms of limestones, is regarded as a former link between the two states. The island is between Pamban Island (or Rameswaram Island), which is on the southeast shore of Tamil Nadu, and Mannar Island, which is on the northwest shore of Sri Lanka.

It is also the 7th biggest nation in the whole of Asia. It is bordered on three sides by the Indian Ocean in the southern part, the Arabian Sea in the southwestern part and the Bay of Bengal in the south-eastern part. They share their frontiers with many neighboring nations such as Pakistan, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, China and others.

India, the 7th biggest global country in relation to gross domestic product and third biggest in relation to PPP, is one of the most rapidly expanding countries in the run. It is also the biggest democratic state in the whole Indian constitution.

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an insular state in South Asia. There are only two bordering states - India in the north-west and the south-west of the Republic of Málaga. It is a founder member of SAARC and a member of the United Nations, the G77, the Commonwealth of Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement.

This is a republican unified state ruled by a system of presidents. Sri Lanka's main economic drivers are to be found in the tourist, teas exports and other farming activity. This map shows the sub-continent of India and Sri Lanka. Territory under India is shown in red and area under Sri Lanka in red.

Neighboring states of the two states such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar are also shown on the map. New Delhi of India and Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte of Sri Lanka are also shown on the map. Large towns in both counties are indicated by dotted areas.

Srinagar, Meerut, Jabalpur and Bengaluru are some of the towns signposted in India. In the map, the fields are shown in green.

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