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The chinese apps are coming for indian newsreaders. With the official AIR News App you can read stories from the AIR News network in India. and we understand that you don't have time to read long messages every day. With all the positive news about India. It also provides agricultural advice and news about the government's agricultural policies and programs.

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Mornings and evenings update - Get it every mornings and evenings. Get the latest news and events of the moment with our intelligent update function. - Latest, Trendy and Break News - Get the latest trendy and break news from India and around the globe.

  • Off-line reader - Off-line message reader - Off-line message reader, even without the web. - Booksmark-article - Has a history aroused your interest? You can now use the bookmarks function to mark items and messages and view them later. - Night Fashion Reading - Don't strain your socks!

You can use the black and sepia topics integrated in the app to ensure a comfortable read even in low light situations. - Swipe for Next - Swipe right & lefthand for seamless story browsing and a quicker Read! FEATURES OF TOI APP - The Times of India News App provides everything an eager news readers needs - news, latest news, trend reports and in-depth reporting on sport, crime, entertainment, biz, tech, politics and more!

  • A dedicated section has been designed for our NRI global audience who love the TOI app for news from India and abroad. Times of India App is India's leading news app and is used by over 27 million people in India and abroad. Customers use the TOI app to get news from over 225 different locations around the globe.

The TOI is the first selection of Indians and NRIs for news about India and the rest of the globe.

Which is the best news app in India?

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