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The Samsung factory will help India to become the "production centre of the world": Putzmeister Narendra Modes | India News

In Noida, electronic will not only reinforce the commercial relationships between the two nations, but will also have a decisive influence on Indian-Korean relationships..... Prime Minister, who spoke at the opening celebration of the production plant of Samsung, a technology company in Korea, complimented the staff and said that the entity, an R' 5,000 invested in China, will help India to become a "production center of the world".

In his speech, the Prime Minister also stressed the effects of Korea's produce on the daily life of its people. "I' often say that there is hardly a bourgeois home in India where you can't find a good produced in Korea," he said. Taoiseach, who met with President Moon Jae-in at the Samsung factory, said India is now in second place in the country rankings for the production of cell phones.

"The number of plants in India has risen from 2 to 120 in the last four years. They were able to give work to more than four llakh people," said the prime minister. He also took the chance to review the progress made in the digitisation industry and said that these trends indicate that the "digital revolution" has reached India.

"There are about 40 smart-phone smart-phone smart-phone user in India and 32 smart-phones are currently subscription customers of high-speed connections," he added. On Sunday, President Jae-in, who made his first formal trip to India's capitol, hoped that his trip would help take bi-lateral trade to a new alliance.

On Tuesday, the President will have formal discussions with the Prime Minister. Prior to this, the President of India-Korea pointed out at an India-Korea forum that the improvement of trade ties with India was a crucial component of his country's new "South policy". In stating that there are 500 Korea corporations doing businesses in India, Moon said:

"India's goverment plans to create 100 Smart Centers and industry lanes connecting the city.

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