India Nepal Map

Nepal India Map

Situated in South Asia, India has easy access to Nepal and China. The Greater Nepal Map, extension of the Gorkha empire at its height. Map showing the regions of India and Nepal. Roads to Kathmandu, Nepal from India. Map.

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Chart of India and Nepal, India Nepal Wall Map

Two neighboring Asian continents are India and Nepal. There are two different frontiers. India's states bordering Nepal are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Western Bengal and Sikkim. They also maintain lasting commercial and global relationships. The People' s Republic of China in the northern part and the Republic of India in the eastern, western and southern parts of Nepal.

Bangladesh is divided from Nepal by the Siliguri Corridor and Bhutan by the state of Sikkim in India. Bangladesh is a low-income nation that is making constant strides towards economic and social expansion. India, on the other side, is the 7th biggest nation in the whole wide globe. They share their frontiers with China, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

India/Nepal is known as Sunauli. There is Sunauli 70 kilometers from Gorakhpur and 3 kilometers from Bhairahawa in Nepal. Technically, Sunauli is a place on the Hindu side and the place on Nepal's side is known as Belahiya. As a rule, the frontier is open 24 hrs, but is locked for cars at 10 p.m. The map also shows the frontiers of India and Nepal.

Shadowed area in yellow is the area below India, while the shadowed areas in blue belong to Nepal. In addition to these two contries, the map also shows the boundaries of neighboring states such as Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and others. It shows the most important towns in India and Nepal like Jaipur, Guwahati, Hyderabad and Pune in India and Tulsipur and Biratnagar in Nepal.

The map also shows other towns indicated by dotted area. Creeks crossing both lands are signposted with green stripes. New Delhi of India and Kathmandu of Nepal are also shown on the map.

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