India Myanmar Thailand Highway Map

Myanmar Thailand motorway map

Trilateral motorway (TH) between India, Myanmar and Thailand. This motorway will contribute to a smoother and faster flow of goods between these regions. From Mae Sot to Morehore, India. Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway's Future | JAPAN Forward. The National Highway Highways in Indien, National Highway Map of India.

Thailand-Myanmar-India Trilateral motorway until 2019: Nitin Gadkari

Nepal-Delhi: India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway (TH) is expected to be in operation until December 2019, said Nitin Gadkari, Secretary of Labor. India, Thailand and Myanmar are working on a 1,400 km motorway that would connect the countryside with South-East Asia by road and promote commercial, industrial, health, educational and tourist relations between the three states.

"Next year by the end of December we will be able to connect... We give the highest precedence (Indian Myanmar Trilateral Highway Project). It will promote commerce and relations between countries in the region," said the New Delhi Secretary of State for Roads and Motorways. He said there are 24 in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) and 14 to 16 in work.

Most of the Tunisian project are financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Gadkari said last months that plans such as the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway, the expansion of the TH to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project are well underway.

India Myanmar Thailand Highway to be completed in 3 years; work begins

In the last three month, the India administration has placed all orders under the India-Myanmar-Thailand motorway, and the motorway is expected to be completed in three years, according to the Foreign Office. "Two Trilateral Highway Trilateral Highway project between India, Myanmar and Thailand are being implemented by the India authorities.

This includes the building of 69 viaducts on the Tamu-Kyigone-Kalewa section and the extension of the 120.74 km long highway on the Kalewa-Yargi section in Myanmar," said Gen VK Singh, Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affair. Kalewa-Yargi section in Myanmar is the only major highway development in which India will be involved in the scope of the development process.

This 121 km long motorway will be extended to two tracks for 1,200 rupees. This highway leads from Moreh in Manipur via Myanmar to Mae Sot in Thailand. As soon as the highway is finished, you can go from Manipur to Thailand. While Myanmar is not one of the top tourist destination in India, many Indians come to Thailand for tourist purposes.

"Myanmar has announced that it would continue with this deal once it has fully verified the execution of similar agreements with other countries," said UK Singh on the car deal. In July, it adopted an Rs1,630 core highway upgrading and extension of the 65 km line between Imphal and Moreh in Manipur.

India is also working on road links between Aizawl in Mizoram and Kaladan in Myanmar.

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