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The construction of the motorway will link India and Thailand through Myanmar. However, the plan for the India-Myanmar-Thailand motorway is not new. I' m on a trip with my uncle and my aunt from India to Bangkok, Thailand via Myanmar. Steps taken by the Indian government to enable private sector participation in ASEAN have been hesitant. Some of the roads in India and Thailand have been upgraded, but much remains to be done due to Myanmar's financial shortage.

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An expressway linking Moreh to Mae Sot via Myanmar was first suggested at a tripartite ministers' conference on transportation in Yangon in April 2002. 9] The length of the four-lane motorway is approx. 1,360 km. Moreeh ICP in India is already in operation. Tamu is the frontier city on Myanmar's side.

The Myanmar-Thai checkpoint has been in operation for several years. 70-kilometres (93. 02 mi)Completed (2017)65 km (40 mi) Imphal to Moreh will be extended at INR16. The first 20 km to the town of Wanginj on 4 lanes and the remainder with 2 lanes of motorway with cobbled-shoulder.

Moreh Kyigone Kalemyo (Kalewa), also known as "India-Myanmar Friendship Road", was finished by India on February 13, 2001, 149 of them. 70-kilometre (93. 02 mi) Tamu to Kalewa was extended from India to a 2-lane motorway with 71 viaducts in 2017. 29 ] Moreh's integral migration and custom controls for all kinds of passengers will also open in 2017 and its partner city Tamu is located just across the MYB.

4-kilometres (40. 0 mi)Finished (201?)It goes through the Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park. "Myanmar's Yagyi (Yargi)-Chaungma (Chaung Ma)-Monywa" on a BOT-base. Monywa-Mandalay 4. 136 km (85 mi)Finished (201?)Monywa-Mandalay route has already been used. Thirteen km (76. 51 mi)Completion (2010)Part of the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway, which opened in December 2010. 6th Meiktila Bypass-Taungoo-Oktwin-Payagyi (Pyay)238 km (148 mi)Completion (2010)Part of the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway, which was opened in December 2010.

7. Thein Za Yat (Payagyi-Theinzayat)-Thaton140 km (87 mi)Completed (2017)Payagyi to Myeik (including the Thaton-Mawlamyine-Kawkareik line) is extended from India[53][54] and is part of National Hwy 8 (Myanmar). 6-kilometre (15.9 mi)Completion (2015)Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik motorway was finished and opened on 30 August 2015, reducing the period between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik from three to 45mins.

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