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Myanmar Map of India

Border Crossing Map India-Bangladesh-Myanmar. The first BC of Pyu tribes who initiated trade with India and brought Buddhism to the region. Therefore, India must be opened near the Indo-Myanmar side. The map shows the old route of Ledo. Grey area map between Myanmar, Bangladesh and India from publication:

Northeast India & Myanmar: The Indo-Burmese Border | Adventure Tours in India

Dibrugarh, an important center for plantations of teas (one of them we will be visiting this afternoon). Also known as the gate to the "Hidden Land" in northeastern India. Stage 3: We take a cruise between the Brahmaputra River Isles before going to Digboi to show our respect at the battle graves graveyard, wonderfully cared for by the military burial care.

5th day: With a full exploration of the Mon region, we begin with a full exploration of the Longwa community on the Indian/Myanmar-Beltier. It is a full-time trip, but we will be traveling through some of India's most intriguing parts and enjoying the landscape around us.

We ascend early and travel for about six to Kohima, the undulating capitol of Nagaland. Stage 8: Before we go to Imphal, a brief ride this mornings takes us to Khonoma, a small town highly appreciated by the Angami Nagas as it is regarded as the home of courage and has spawned several great Naga guides.

Stage 10: On a tour that is seldom used by tourists today, we travel to the Moreh boarder, where we enter Myanmar and travel to the city of Kalay Myo, which lies on the Myittha River. Stage 11: A rugged street leads us along the Chin State to Gangaw, through which the Myittha River divides the city into two parts.

On the way we stop in some isolated cities and small cities. A bumpy street (which is not even signposted on Google Maps) leads us through a scenic hilly landscape over to Chin State in the direction of the small city of Mindat, our basis for the next two inches. 13th day: Today we spent most of the afternoon walking through arable land and several Chin communities to get to know the landscape and meet with local people at a slowdown.

We' ll have a picknick at the top (2750m) before continuing to Kampetlet, an old city that was initially build by the British. Stage 15: We drive through the Chin Hills on curvy streets through verdant orchards and sense the colder climate getting damp and hot again as we get closer to the lowland and the old capitol Bagan.

Dawn 17: A morning plane takes us to the Myanmar capitol, Yangon, where we have plenty of free day this afternoons to explore this bustling town with the highest concentrations of colorful architectural colonies in all of Southeast Asia.

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