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How many miles and kilometers from India to Myanmar, how far is it from India to Myanmar. Note: Zika is a risk in Burma (Myanmar). The Bhutan, China and Myanmar region is strategically and economically important as a gateway to the Far East. Stuff you need to know before visiting Myanmar. Get cultural insights and top tips on traveling in Myanmar, former Burma.

Travelling from India to Myanmar

From Myanmar: Page to Myanmar. The journey from India to Myanmar takes about 46.84 hrs at a cruising rate of 50 km per hour. Burmese travellers are welcome to browse our directions page for detailed information. The journey from India to Myanmar is linked by more than one itinerary.

You' re welcome to use our India to Myanmar street map and trip scheduling tools to support your trip. When there is a coach service between India and Myanmar, you can see our map. You can also find the meteorological conditions in India and Myanmar on our map. Altitudes of India and Myanmar on the map.

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India-Myanmar Distances

Route: 3088 KM and 984 metres / 1919.4 mile. Signposted route: 1766 km and 700 metres / 1097.8 mile. Journey time: 61 hrs 38 min. It is a flat route and the real journey length between India and Myanmar may be higher in most cases or may differ due to the bend of the highway.

There are 3088 km and 984 metres between India and Myanmar. It is 1919.4 leagues between these two points. Please note: The times for India and Myanmar are calculated on the basis of the respective city's respective RTC-times. This may differ from the default setting of the county, locale or other.

Myanmar is about 1766 km from India, so if you are travelling at a constant rate of 50 km per hr, you can get to Myanmar in 61 hrs 38 mins. Travelling times in Myanmar may differ according to coach speeds, trains or vehicles.

Middle waypoint between India and Myanmar is 21.469410847858 and 87.42102805997. Orientation from India is only approximately. This Google map shows the way the line in green indicates the Myanmar connection. The Myanmar map includes roadside accommodation, places of interest, picnics, gas stations and various places of worship.

This itinerary will take you from India to Myanmar. We may deviate from the Google range. Travellers and tourists are invited to send further information about India and Myanmar. This may be your travels between India and Myanmar so far. Accessible transportation to Myanmar such as rail, coach, airplane, and ferry services.

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