India Burma Map

Burma India Map

The title, India and Burma: a special strategic map. Mouse over the map to determine the position. Cigarette case Aluminium India/Burma card; Unmarked; Etched at front and side edges;

In very good condition. Former papers from the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency. Myanmar with parts of India, China and Siam.

Map, India, Burma | Library of Congress

Showing also the frontier areas East Bengal and Burma/China. Leaves with separate numbers and place names, e.g. No. 84 C/10, Burma and India. Built on 1:63,360 or later Survey of India charts.

Built on 1:126,720 scales by Survey of India in 1936- . Leaf A, India (part of), Burma (northwest); Leaf B, Burma (northeast), Siam (Thailand) (north), French Indo China (part of), China (part of).

Embossed representation by outlines, colour gradients and point height. Depth indication by means of outlines and probes.

Transport maps of Burma and North East India; shows two categories of road or rail and five categories of railways. India, Burma and Ceylon.

Includes Thailand, Laos and Burma. Embossing through outlines and point height. Futsuryo? wwww. www. bun ko. gosenban no mirizu biruma www. biruma www biruma. www. gosenbun no mirizu biruma wwww. biruma -- Ju?niman www.gosenbun no mirizu biruma, shina, wwww. ww. gosenbun no mirizu biruma, shina, oyobi Futsuryo? Indo shina. shwu. gebenbenb. uk...

Embossing by shadowing and height of spots. Hin 1122, 1/5 India Burma First Edition."

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