India Burma Map

Burma India Map

Immigration and customs offices as well as their and their cards: Previous papers from the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency. Burma with parts of India, China and Siam. In both world wars the British Indian Army played an important role.

and the Burmese Empire with a part of China &c.

1946 India and Burma Wall Map

The map of India and Burma, released in April 1946 just one year before the country's and Pakistan's independency, shows the countless counties of the area. A half two-card map with the map "Political Divisions of India" and three Indian article. available options: - as a pinboard with silver-coloured aluminum frames, this type of printing takes up to 10 - 14 working hours.

India-Burma Distances

Route: 3088 KM and 984 metres / 1919.4 mile. Signposted route: 1766 km and 700 metres / 1097.8 mile. Journey time: 61 hrs 38 min. It is a flat route and the real journey between India and Burma may in most cases be longer or may differ due to the bend of the street.

It is 3088 km and 984 metres from India to Burma. It is 1919.4 leagues between these two points. Please note: The times for India and Burma are calculated according to the respective city's usageTC. This may differ from the default setting of the county, locale or other.

About 1766 km from Burma, so if you are travelling at a constant rate of 50 km per hr, you can get to Burma in 61h38. Travelling times in Burma may differ according to coach speeds, trains or vehicles.

Middle waypoint between India and Burma is 21.469410847858 and 87.42102805997. Orientation from India is only approximately. This Google map shows the way the line shows the connection to Burma. The map of Burma includes on the way to Burma a list of tourists, places to stay, picnics, gas stations and various places of worship.

This itinerary will take you from India to Burma. We may deviate from the Google range. Travellers and tourists are invited to send further information about India and Burma. This may be your travels between India and Burma so far. Accessible transportation to Burma, such as rail, coach, airplane, and oceanic itineraries.

Touristic places or other important places on the Indian-Burmese itineraries. Hotels, restaurants on the way to Burma. Pictures to India and Burma or on the way. Questions about travelling and other information about this site.

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