India and Myanmar Map

Myanmar and India Map

Burmese travellers are welcome to visit our directions page for detailed information. The distance between India and Myanmar Burma. Maps of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and adjacent regions with the Badidae used in this study. Immigration and customs offices and their and their cards:. Myanmar to India itinerary / road map is available.

India, Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma - Tropical Cyclone ROANU - ECHO Day Ticket | 20/05/2016 - India

  • TC ROANU was established on May 18 above the southwestern Bay of Bengal, near the southeastern Indian coastline. Then it began to move along the East Indian coastline. At 6.00 a. m. CETC on May 20, the center was about 120 km southward of the Ganjam Districts (State of Odisha, India) and had a maximum continuous windspeed of 93 kph.
  • For the next 48 hours, a further increase towards the north-east coastline of India is predicted. The Chittagong Divison (Bangladesh) can be reached on 21 May with a maximum continuous wind speed of 100-130 km/h. Severe rainfall, wind and tidal waves will hit the states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, South Bangladesh and West Burma.

An estimated 1.6 to 1.8 meter high tide is forecast for May 21 AM (UTC) on the coast just off the coast of Chittagong (Bangladesh). - The TC Roanu had previously struck Sri Lanka, resulting in severe rainfall and extensive harm and victim. In Chennai (state of Tamil Nadu, India), floods were also mentioned in regional newspapers due to strong rainfall.

Burma, India, Bangladesh - 6.9 Mw Seismic - ECHO Day Ticket | 14/04/2016 - Myanmar

  • A 6.9M earthquake at 135 km in the Middle-Eastern Myanmar struck on 13 April at 13.55 CTC. This epicenter was about 74 km southeast of Mawlaik (Myanmar/Burma) and 103 km northwest of Shwebo (Myanmar/Burma). Earthquakes were also felt in India and Bangladesh.

The USGS PAGER estimates that 745,000 persons were shaken "strongly" and 5,877,000 "moderately". - In Myanmar, Burma, several houses have been reported broken by indigenous newspapers as of April 14. - In Bangladesh, there are reports in the Bangladesh press of at least 50 casualties and several houses being destroyed, mainly in the Chittagong town, as of 14 April.

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