Independent Travel in Burma

Travelling independently in Burma

If you would like more information, please email us at or call us: As a rule, we are independent travellers. After a lot of research, however, we found that we needed help booking all our domestic flights in Myanmar. Traveling independently is a great way to explore a destination on your own. Tips and advice for independent travelers & backpackers to Burma/Myanmar.

Travel Information: Travelling independently in Burma

It' s not possible to talk about travelling to Myanmar without taking into account the present policy state. It is important to be careful how and where you go, because how you spent your funds will impact the life of the locals. It is a good notion to live in a small, family-run lodging, as you do not provide so much funding for the governmen.

The new Myanmar Guidebook from Lonely Planet provides 100 types of accommodations that are thought to be independent. Remember that a minimum 10 percent levy goes to the Myanmar administration, no matter where you are. Traveling by plane means more cash goes to the federal administration, but busses, train and trishaw's (bicycle rickshaws) are all available.

Coaches are one of the most comfortable means of transportation in the state, often quicker and less expensive than the journey with the ancient railway system. For longer trips, there are often overnight coaches. It' advisable to reserve a few nights in advance to get to Inle Lake on favourite coach lines like Bagan.

Since you are in the high seasons, you must also reserve your accomodation in time. You will find moves that are your best choice. Routes are comfortable, quick and not too costly. There is a large train system linking the large East Asian towns. It may be worthwhile to take a look at an InterRail passport, according to how long you are on the road.

Allows you to stay in select destinations for an indefinite amount of years. With regard to security, there are few issues on the railways. The website of (Seat 61) offers a lot of information about Eastern Europe if you want to get an impression of what your shipment will look like.

Sleeping accommodations are a good way to reduce your travel expenses and most people have a flight attendant on the plane to make sure you get off at your stop. Booking a cot in advanced and ask for a singles sexual area. When you are not feeling well on the night trains, you can sometimes reserve a room all on your own, although it will be more expensive.

You can also continue your journey during the daytime. This is a useful tip for backpackers: Get an old underwear and colour it with granulated coffees, then keep it in your zipper. About FacebookThis is probably the best trip we've ever known. - The EdDon't be Stingy Make sure you don't stamp ing on your walking boots ou votre sac à dos.

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