Independent Travel in Burma

Travelling independently in Burma

Our tour was crowned by our guide Po. It is easy to explore the rest of Mandalay on your own. We' ve tried very hard not to give the government any money by travelling independently. Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar? Farna is a Filipina who is independent in her own skin, likes to travel alone, but also likes to travel with friends and family.

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I was in Burma from mid-November to mid-December and I thought it was a good idea to add our experience. There is a great deal of information about it that we have previously been reading, but not so much for independents with a small traveler' s canvass. We' ve also exchanged cash at the banks - it' s simple and not too different from the current rate on the supermarket.

Arriving at noon and jumping up the hill on a lorry - you will hear many miscellaneous critiques about it, but our experiences were clouded by my friend who vomited all the way down! Looking back, my greatest pity about our stay in Burma was that we didn't get a ferry to Hap'an.

and the Bagan Riverview. Everything is great, but it' s a great tourist - the groups have to be seen to be felt. Overnight at the Golden Caves and there is more information in my report. Then we got three separate pick-up truck to Inle, where we spent four nights in the PYI Guesthouse, which was a bit too long.

That' s why the buoyant markets were terrible. Next we went to the square - my favorite on our journey; full of cool floral and wool caps for our next hike (it gets cool!) The next morning we went to the warm fountains (we finally drove a concrete wagon - it's too far to be afoot!).

Then we took the shuttle to Mandalay and a cab to POL. Then we took a long coach to Hsipaw, where we spent the night in Lily's and had our best hike of the year. Breathtaking and led by the distinguished Mr. Si. Everyone on board the next day to Mandalay on board - get default grade when you go - you are sitting with natives, not all other newcomers!

However, get off at the POL and get in a taxi together to Mandalay, otherwise it will take five additional time! I' ve got mistaken opinions - the Royal Palace is absolute garbage, but it was intriguing to go through the army basis that encircles it. Interesting is also the Mandalay and Hsipaw area.

From Mandalay we went back to Bangkok - and a message of caution - there is ONE store at Mandalay International where you can cash out your remaining cash - we gave it to the cleaning staff instead!

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