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Bangladesh: No bailout coming up, says Gov. - how it was | World Affairs

It is a competition against the clock, because on Sunday there will be violent rainstorms. The first two footballers are likely to make it out today, at best. It' still a hard course through a maze of passages, with plenty of scuba and rock-limbing. They don't have to swimm much, they have an air masks and are almost always held by one of the diver.

And then there is 1.5 kilometres of rock climbs.

Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: Boy can go, but not yet dive".

A civil servant says twelve young men and their soccer trainer, who are caught in water-saturated caverns in Thailand, will not be saved over night because they cannot go diving. A duct was laid to the cavern where the group was imprisoned in a room in the Tham Luang cavern for almost two wards.

They had dared to enter while the cavern was arid, but then the rains overtook them. Talking to reporter on Friday, the governor of the Chiang Rai area where the den is set up said the caves had enough force to go but could not float to security. Mr Narongsak Osotthanakorn said that the young people's general wellbeing had" normalised" and that scuba diver continued to instruct dive and respiratory skills.

Asked if a bailout would happen over night if it starts raining, he said: "No. The guys can't go diving now. "Mr Narongsak said the young are "OK" and the fresh breezes they breathe are good. Thursday her mum and dad sent the boy a letter to help them with reading - but the boss said he wasn't sure if they had made it.

The saviours have excavated more than 100 cavities in the hope of reaching the caves directly. He had 18 up-and-coming ones, the lowest ones at 400m, but Mr Narongsak said he wasn't sure if it would get to the young, who are thought to be about 600m below the sands. This group was found in the cavern by a group of Britains 10 day after they disappeared.

You were standing on a cliff in a small room about 4 km from the caves. Since then, Thai and foreign diving crews have provided them with nutrition, air and health care, but there is growing concern about the levels of air in the tank, which have dropped to 15%, according to officers.

Usually the value is 21%. Mr Narongsak said that the least risky bailouts were under discussion, but admitted that there was no such thing as the right moment. In the last few rainstorms have ceased, he added, allowing the bailout to keep some areas of the cavern sufficiently arid for the emergency services.

Said the depth of rain in the cavern increased by 10 cm when the crews ceased to pump for 12 min on Friday. A massive civil and naval bailout runs on the top floor against the clock to get the guys to a safe place. The officers had first thought about keeping the young in the room to await the wet spell - which could have locked them up there for up to four month.

A well-educated scuba diving expert, Gunan died on Thursday on his way out of the caves. He underlined the risk of movement from the room to the entrance of the cavern and cast serious doubt on the security of getting the young out through the narrow, submerged corridors.

The 38-year-old man had abandoned the Marines but came back to help with the bailout. As an enthusiastic skater and biker he was part of the huge bailout that was started after the group was run aground in the Tham Luang Caves.

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