Important places to Visit in Myanmar

Major sights in Myanmar

Sights in Burma: It is the cheapest provider we have found, but there are other important things to consider. A golden pagoda is the city's landmark. The best historical places in Myanmar. Buses are the most important means of transport in Myanmar.


Visits - The month of May, which lasts until October, can be tough on Myanmar, flooding the roads and making travelling difficult..... This rains, however, mainly falls in the south and west of the state. North of the land, places like Bagan and Mandalay, have much less precipitation and are therefore still easy to reach.

In March and April the temperature can reach 40┬░C, which could make travelling in the "dry area" like Bagan a little unpleasant. Security - While most of Myanmar's areas are completely secure to visit, there are still some conflict between the Myanmar authorities and minority communities, especially near the China borders, so you should review your government's directions before travelling to Myanmar.

.. Myanmar - Yangon - Yangon is the former capitol of Myanmar and still the most important and biggest town in the state. It is also unlikely that you will not find yourself in this town, as it is also home to the country's biggest cosmopolitan air port.

Inexpensive travellers are likely to live in China, where most of the city's guesthouses and other backpacker tourists can be found. Myanmar - When you think of Myanmar or google Myanmar, this is often the first place thought of. Bagan, an old hometown full of infinite churches, couples and stupas, a place that could probably make you wander for day, maybe even week... A sundown in Bagan was on my pail register for a while, and it was definitely one of my high points of the journey through Southeast Asia.

This is a must for a visit to Myanmar! Inwallake - Inle is a 20 km long sea encircled by wonderful mounds located in western Shan State. It is known for its typical fisherman, but also for its swimming towns, some of which even have their own swimming garden and farms.

In all likelihood, your guest house will have the opportunity to hire a yacht for a whole days to admire the beautiful scenery of the lakes, see the fisherman at work or even see the small towns by the lakes. After Yangon, Myanmar's second biggest town, in central Myanmar.

The Mandalay is the last kingly capitol of the land; here is the Mandalay-Palast, the last of Burma's monarchy palaces. Mandalay may not have much to show for itself, but its surrounding area is full of wonderful treasure! Situated near Mandalay and often a lost target, is the pretty Pyin Oo Lwin.

You will be amused by a two nights accommodation and a great escape from the bustling town of Mandalay. From Hsipaw - Hsipaw, 200 km northeast of Mandalay, is a small town used by travellers as a starting point for a trekk. However, if you know that Hsipaw is near a battlefield, and while travellers will say that they feel secure, it is advisable to hike only with a local leader!

Little Yangon Youth Hostel - Little Yangon is located near many places of interest and tasty dining and is perfectly located at a reasonable cost. A free breakfasts and a friendly meeting point make the Youth hostel a great place to start your journey with new travellers!

One of the first Bagan Youth Hostels to offer Wi-Fi, decent bedding, a good position and a good ambience. Situations are great, guesthouse personnel are kind and supportive and the situation is excellent! Ostello Bello Nyaung Schwe - Inle Lake - This is the second Hostello of the Ostello Bello Hostellkette in Myanmar and like Bagan provides great cuisine.

It is a tidy place with decent bedding, free breakfasts and a roof with a nice panoramic sea front. Mandalay-Ostelle Bello Mandalay - When it comes to Mandalay Youth hostels and properties, Ostello Bello must be in the ideal area. Located near many of our restaurant and the old palace! There is a wide choice of dormitories, all with good shower facilities, private lighting and electrical outlets and a comfortbed.

Mr. Charles Guesthouse - One of the places to trek. Myanmar's hill and mountain offer a wonderful way to hike through the countryside and see more of Myanmar's countryside. Kalaw to Inle Lake Hiking, which can be done in 2 or 3 nights, is very much loved by tourists and was one of my attractions in Myanmar.

Hsipaw, about 200 km northeast of Mandalay, is another favourite place to go, but there are regular armistice in the area, so make sure it's secure to get there. Located on a 99 metre high mound in Yangon, the Schwedagon Pagoda can be seen all over the town when the light is reflected on its gold stupa or when the light is reflected on it at nigh.

Scooters from Temple to Tempel in Bagan: However, bike from church to church, see the many stupas and pagodas and admire the wonderful landscape of Bagan. Inquire at your hotel or guest house where you can best experience a spectacular view of the sea at dawn or dusk to get the most out of your stay!

Observe the sunset from Mandalay Hill: You have a nice view over the town from above, and when the day goes down, the lights on the mirrors are reflected like roofed sides and columns of the cloakroom. The whole place shines, shines and shines. Bicycle around Inle Lake:

Whilst you can enjoy the beautiful view of the river by boating, it is definitely a good idea to stay another full days and drive around the area. Whilst it would be a long way to circle the town, there will be many folks who will offer to take you, your buddies and your bicycles by ferry to the other side of the shore where you can proceed with your itinerary.

Please be sure to take toiletpaper with you as long as it is available at the hostel, most places or bus stations will have none! For your own security, please review the no-go areas before deciding to move about. Myanmar is not an expensively priced land, but it will be pricey if you want to see all the activity and attractions in two week's time.

Whilst in most Southeast Asian nations you have to bargain for a good prize, in Myanmar you will almost always get an upfront one. Ask your lodging or your lodging in advance how much it should be, and you're good to go. Betelnuts do indeed leave behind permanent scarlet teeths, which you will see throughout the whole land as humans who have been biting betelnuts for years, smiling at you.

Ask your physician in advance if you need a vaccination or perhaps anti-malarial drugs, according to which areas or places you want to be.

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