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Major sights in Myanmar

Thailand has overtook its tribal areas, but this is far from being the case in Myanmar. The beach of Ngapali is one of the most important places in Mynamar in December; the beach is untouched in nature with palm trees and white sandy beach. On this page all destinations around Myanmar have listed their festivals. Sights in Burma: It is the cheapest provider we have found, but there are other important things to consider.

In Myanmar for two weeks: A route for first-time visitors

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has quickly become a new tourist hot spot since the re-opening of the tourist industry. Having heard some good news from our families and our fellows, we thought it was the right moment to explore Myanmar on our own. Burma is a country steeped in its past and traditions and has a distinctive civilization that is well deserved to be discovered.

Our journey was completed with a small break at the end. Obviously, two week is not enough to see everything Myanmar has to show. But it' long enough for first-time-timers to get to know the land. Walk for less than that and you will miss some great attractions!

There were bustling towns, old sanctuaries, small towns, beautiful nature and some great views of Myanmar's people. The Yangon will be the departure point for most travelers to Myanmar. Myanmar in Yangon is the most important of the country?s airports and you are likely to be there. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the largest town in Myanmar and was Myanmar in 2005.

Now, the capitol has relocated to Naypyidaw. Yangon, like most major Southeast Asian towns, is densely settled and very noisy. Why not miss something in Yangon? The pagoda is the most important symbol of Myanmar. When you want to get away from the rush of urban living, go to Kandawgi Lake to find tranquility and serenity.

From here you have a magnificent view of the shining Shwedagon Pagoda and the imposing Karaweik Swimming Palaces with its two gold caraveik sparrows reflected on the lakes. For more information about our stay in Yangon, click here. To find your lodging in Yangon, click here. Just over an hour's flying from Yangon, Bagan is a new town.

Bagan was the kingdom's capitol from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries. More than ten thousand monasteries were erected on the surrounding levels during this time. The Bagan is in three parts, Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyanung-U. Most of the temple and pagoda are located in the archeological area of ancient Bagan.

So what not to miss in Bagan? But the choice of the ones to go to might be a little difficult! Bagan's most favourite sport is balloon riding at dawn. Nyanung-U is the best store in Bagan (if not in Myanmar itself). Near the international airports, this colorful fair is mainly visited by local people; foreigners are rare.

Combinate your trip to the square with a trip to a nearby town to get an idea of the daily life of the people. For more information about our stay in Bagan, click here. To find your accomodation in Bagan, click here. The second biggest town in Myanmar, Mandalay is the last remaining imperial capitol.

It is a vast town, and as the last imperial capitol Mandalay is home to a multitude of imperial and sacred places. Many interesting places to visit and we would have liked to stay longer to explore the town. Why not miss out on Mandalay?

It' a great brainstorming place and a great place. Most of Mandalay was not the town itself, but the other antique capital cities and places of worship surrounding it. The Mingun, Sagaing Hill, Inwa and Amarapura are all definitely deserving a look. For more information about our Mandalay stay, click here.

To find your accomodation in Mandalay, click here. With a length of 22 kilometers and a width of 10 kilometers, Inle is Myanmar's second biggest one. Why not miss Inle Lake? Boating is the best way to discover the beautiful scenery and observe the local people in their everyday life.

You can still take a ride in a warm aeroplane if you miss Bagan, this trip over this quiet and picturesque area. For more information on what to do in Inle Lake, click here. To find your lodging in Inle Lake, click here. Myanmar's main beach resort is Ngapali Beach.

The Ngapali Beaches is a beautiful piece of paradise, and although it is the most loved in Myanmar, we found it very calm at the beginning of the high seasons. Surrounded by coco palms, the sandy beaches are brilliant and the clear and welcoming ocean is clear and clear blu.

It is a great way to end a bustling journey to Myanmar and the ideal place to unwind. Why not miss out on Ngapali Beaches? It is the ideal place for a pleasant walk and at each end you will find small fishermen towns where you can observe the inhabitants in their work.

Of particular interest is the small hamlet of Gyeik Taw, just southwards of the town. You will see the inhabitants of the villages dry thousand of small fishermen on the beaches. Relax is the reason why you came to Ngapali Beaches, so why not with a drink in your hands? Go to the seaside bar for inexpensive drinks and stunning sundowns.

For more information about Ngapali Beach, click here. To find your lodging in Ngapali Beach, click here. Myanmar's denomination is Kyat (pronounced "chat"). It' not possible to get Kyat outside Myanmar, so you will need to take money with you to change it when you arrive. You can find ATM machines in most important travel locations such as Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay, where you can take out Kyat music.

HINT - Make sure you switch or use your entire body of Myanmar before leaving, as it is quite difficult to switch these memos anywhere else. For entry to Myanmar you need a visa, which you can request here on-line. This allows you to remain in Myanmar for up to 28 consecutive nights after your flight.

They will need to printout this note and present it to the migration official when they get to Myanmar. Burma has very bad streets and it will take us hundreds of years to get anywhere. However, it is possible to take the coach to all the above places at very low costs. There was not much free and we wanted a carefree vacation.

They' have customized our route to our needs so that we can select the length of stay in each location and the hotel where we stay. Everything we had organized allowed us to unwind and indulge in Myanmar without worrying about getting from A to B.

So what should you carry in churches? It is important to be considerate when attending Myanmar chapels. TIP: If you' re temple-hopping, you' re going to get sick of taking off your boots every single second! Myanmar is the main foreign tongue and is widely used. Foreign nationals are only permitted in some areas of the land, and these areas are absolutely secure to use.

One of the most secure major towns in Asia, Yangon has no areas to shun. and we were quite amazed at how much we liked Myanmar. This may be due to the fact that even after the visit we were not stamped out by a few of the dozens of shrines as in other Asiatic states.

We were sorry to be leaving Myanmar and we will be there again in the near to be. You can use the form below to find available accommodations in Myanmar:

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