Important places to Visit in Myanmar

Major sights in Myanmar

Thailand has overtook its tribal areas, but this is far from being the case in Myanmar. The mountains, the lakes, the pagodas, we have everything under control. Which are the main attractions in Myanmar? The beach of Ngapali is one of the most important places in Mynamar in December; the beach is untouched in nature with palm trees and white sandy beach.

On this page all destinations around Myanmar have listed their festivals.

Best sights in Myanmar

Myanmar is on fire: not only by the literal resumption of hostilities..... Obama himself made an official visit to this Buddha country shortly after his re-election. Traveling to Myanmar independently will require additional work. These are the top attractions in Burma and a choice off the well-trodden paths.

It is Bagan, similar to Angkor in Cambodia, and the most important touristic destination of the state. it is not a Nazis sub, it was the capitol of an old mighty empire. Only a joke, Burma is one of the surest places for foreign nationals in the whole wide globe. It was the stone that braved the force of gravitation.

Kyaiktiyo's golden rock, neatly adorned at the edge. The dilapidated Yangon has not been the nation's capitol since 2007. Infinite ranks of Buddhas. Some of the world's largest Buddhas are still under building in the Bodhi Tataung Temple in Monywa. Ginorme Buddhas. This is Ngapali Strand, Myanmar's number one number one.

If you are interested in the past, temples, pagodas and Buddhism (but not only), Myanmar is a haven.

If you are interested in the past, temples, pagodas and Buddhism (but not only), Myanmar is a haven. You' ll be able to explore archaeological places, which are not only historic places, but also genuine habitats used every single working days by the Myanmar population ( and if you want to explore ethnical groups, Myanmar has 137 ethnical groups to discover).

Of course you have Bagan, but in every small town, as you wander around, you will see humans, markets, old monasteries and couples, singular collection of Buddha sculptures or furnishings. The Mrauk U is a town in the state of Arakan, in the west of the state, not far from Bangladesh.

It' s an archaeological site, like a small Bagan, but the architectural style is completely different, the environment is different and the entrance by boot (4/6 hours) make the whole trip a very beautiful one. It takes 5 working nights from Yangon if you want to visit Mrauk U at a regular speed, 1 working night until departure, 1 working night until return.

In Myanmar, Bagan is the place to visit (along with Shwedagon in Yangon). It is a vast archaeological site along the Ayerwaddy Creek in the middle plains of Myanmar. It is very important in the Myanmar story (Golden Age) and it is still a very lively place of Buddhism for pilgrimages, but also for everyday life.

It is better to spend at least two full day in Bagan, if you can spend three more. It is strongly recommended to use a bicycle or an electronic bicycle to visit Bagan (in April, May a good time is also a good time to drive a vehicle with A/C): it' s rainy season or the end of the monsun.

The end of September, October and November are clearly the best time to visit Bagan (the end of October is the best). You will have very foggy in the plains of Bagan in December and January, with the top of the pagoda from the mists. Buddha (and monks) arrived from Sri Lanka, near Thanton, a town 3 hrs by car southeast of Yangon.

The whole area around Yangon, Bago, Hpa An and Mawlamyine is very important for the Myanmar story and Buddhism in general. You' ll find great couples, Buddhist caves and a different landscape than in another part of Myanmar. Leave 4 - 5 day to visit this area from Yangon. The Hpo Win Taung is an astonishing troglodytes place on the eastern bank of the Ayerwaddy creek, between Mandalay and Bagan.

It' a completely different place to explore. The best way (in 1 day 2 nights) for us is to go from Mandalay to Bagan via Hpo Win Taung and Monywa (unless you really want to take the touristy ferry on the river). The name Mandalay is mythic thanks to Kipling.

Mandalay, and especially the former imperial capitol around Mandalay, is home to gigantic convents, cloisters and craftsmen. For those who like the outdoors, scenery and tranquility, you should probably concentrate on Lake Inle, Chin Hills or other places in Myanmar. It is always recommended that our clients take free moments to use our cars and guides to stop where they want, whenever they want, and take a stroll in a town, in a field, in a place they like just to hike.

You' ll see the locals, they will welcome you in their house, in the convent, and most of the time you can explore nice convents, Buddhasammlung or just locals. It is the best way to explore Myanmar. Not a one days trek, only 30 minutes on foot in a small hamlet at the roadside.

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