Important places of Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

Besides the famous Ngapali, there are many other beaches to visit. The Shwezigon Pagoda, Ananda Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temple. Among the most important places in the city are the Mahamuni & Uzina Pagodas, Kiplings Kyaikthanlan Pagoda and the Mon Cultural Museum. Mandalay Zay Cho is one of the most important market places in Mandalay. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know the Buddhist culture that occupies an important place in Myanmar's daily life.

Activities - Myanmar

Yangon, the trading capitol, is the major gate to Myanmar/Burma. Chevrolet's old busses and Trishaw's traditional-clad locals, as well as welcoming hawkers, make you think like a Yangon Living Room Memorial. Shwedagon, the heartland of Yangon, is the most honored pit stop in this area. 100 metres above the town, Shwedagon is the town's symbol.

This is one of the wonder of the world and the most venerated in Southeast Asia, a place that every tourist must see. Known in Myanmar as KyiteHteeYoe is one of the most breathtaking and holy places for the Myanmar population. Situated in the state of Mon, it lies on the highest peak of the Paunglaung Mountains.

It takes 4 hours to get to the KyiteHteeYoe pit from Yangon, where you ride up to the Mt. Hermit's Hermitage in an open-wagon. Kyaiktiyo mountain tops the cliff and pit. After the Shwedagon and Mahamuni Pagodas, it is the third most important place of Buddhism in Myanmar/Burma.

Looking at the "gravity defying" Golden Rock is considered an inspiring sight for anyone who turns to Buddhism. Situated in the top of Myanmar/Burma. Over 2,000 sanctuaries and stupa are in the area and can be found. The most unforgettable event for those who come here is the dawn over Bagan from a warm aeroplane.

Mandalay, today's second Myanmar/Burma capitol, is situated in top Myanmar about 688 km northern of Yangon. This is the home and keeper of the best Myanmar musical and dancing tradition. Religious icons are wealthier here than in any other Myanmar town.

There are Mandalay Hill, Mya-nan-san-kyaw, Golden Palace, Mahamuni Image of Buddha, Kyauk-taw-gyi Buddha, Kuthodaw Pagoda and Shwenandaw Kyaung. Mandalay has the biggest collection of handicrafts in Myanmar. Monywa, is situated in Sagaing Division, in Myanmar, and 136km northwest of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River.

The Poewindaung Hill Cove is one of the many places of interest in the area, where you can see the unbelievable vaulting stones and murals all over the area. THANBODY PAGODE is also another great Monywa draw, according to the legend, the massive section of the memorial is carved 7350 relicts and other sacred objects.

Buddhi-tataung (1000 Buddhas), a group of banawoods with Buddha images on each of the legs, is another place not to be missed by most people on their journey to Monywa. Inle is a fresh water sea in the Shan Hills of Myanmar with a number of towns against the mist.

Inle Lake is different from other places in the land because the climate is a little colder and dry. Inle Lake's visitor's unique cultural heritage is that fishers tend to paddle their feet, and it is also part of the Inle traditions themselves.

There are other important landscapes that can be expected in the Inle Sea, such as for example: Swimming tomato plantations around the lakeside, flower orchards moored in the seabeds using canes. Indigenous kindness and day-to-day activity make it a little better for the visitor to take a leisurely ride along the shores of the reservoir while enjoying the sincerity of the area.

Thingyan, or Water Festivals, is held in mid-April and is probably the most thrilling water sports day in Myanmar/Burma. Thingyan is a mad mixture of road parties, skating festivals and obstacles, especially in the towns, when you try to spray others without getting sprayed.

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