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Every one of these colors has an important meaning: Farming and tourism are the most important economic sectors in Thailand. Throughout its history Thailand has been an important ally of the United States and played an important anti-Communist role in the region. Bangkok is a very important city compared to other Thai cities and puts it in the shade in terms of economic value. Have the Free Geography Kids Enjoyed Online Resources All About Thailand Info?

Thailand fun facts for children

Find out some interesting information about Thailand and enjoy a set of funny facts and interesting facts that is great for children! Find out about the capitol, Thailand wildlife, eating, currency, languages, climates, religion, and more. Thailand is officially called the Kingdom of Thailand and was formerly known as Siam.

In July 2013 Thailand has 67 million inhabitants (67,448,120). The biggest town and the capitol of Thailand is Bangkok. The Doi Inthanon in the Thanon Thong Chai's northerly chain of mountains is Thailand's highest point at 8415 feet (2565 m) above seavel. There are over 1430 islets.

The Buddhism is the main religious tradition in Thailand, practiced by about 95% of the people. All over Thailand there are many buddhistic churches and large gold buddhistic sculptures. Siameses have their origin in Thailand, where they are named Wichian Mat. Thailand has 15 reserved wildlife varieties, two of which are rhinoceroses.

Breeding, hunting, owning or trading these kinds is outlawed. Thailand's statewide emblem is the bull. Thailand's official denomination is Baht. The Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a type of table kick and is Thailand's Nationalsport. Have a look at the Thailand map or the Thai flagg.

Ten interesting facts about Thailand you didn't know

We loveth Thailand! Thai is one of the most friendly Thai restaurants you will ever encounter, Thai cuisine has a worldwide reputation for good reasons and Bangkok has one of the best scenery not only in Asia but in our view also in the rest of the globe. These are our 10 most popular interesting facts about Thailand after our many travels to the Land of Smiles.

It is no mystery that poeple all over the globe come to Thailand to get admission to some of the best surgeries and dental practitioners for a small part of what you would be paying at home. When we interviewed Regina about Lady Boy, she said that Thailand is known for having the best physicians, who are the best in Asia because they are not only less expensive than elsewhere, but are also effective and open-minded and do everything with the most lovable smiles you have ever seen.

What about that smile? A good dentist is also available at a reasonable price. A lot of genuinely Thai citizens come to Thailand just to get implant-a great idea: to combine their important practice with a vacation in one of the most exciting places in the underworld. When we lived here a few years ago, we used Medigo to find a large choice of certified practitioners in Thailand.

Don't insult the Heir! Vajiralongkorn, the Vajiralongkorn, is worshipped and worshipped by everyone in Thailand, almost like a divine deity. Thailand has some of the most stringent legislation in the whole wide globe. Slander or insult The Emperor is a felony and you run the danger of several years' detention under Thai peres.

A 57-year-old Englishman (Oliver Jufer) was imprisoned for inadvertently spilled some of the King's portraits in Chiang Mai and imprisoned for 10 years in 2007. If she found out the money (on which the picture of the king is depicted) or as a recent female doctor who wore the king's birth day on 5 December 2014 or did not represent the royal anthem in the movies, you are in danger of being imprisoned.

It is one of the few monarchs (such as Denmark and Sweden) that has its own national hymn for the King's household and an hymn for its people. Thankfully, the Thai king's hymn (the Sansoen Phra Barami) is shown at state events and before the beginning of a movie in the cinemas. If you see the King's Hymn in the theater, you are bound to honor it.

Just as important is the Phleng Chat Thai, the folk song. It will be playing out of a speaker in all places in Thailand at 8.00 and 18.00 o'clock. The first time we got to Sala Deung Sky Train Railwaystation we tried to ask for the right way out to get out of the train and got really puzzled when we saw that everyone was totally inactive.

Though known in Thailand as Krung Thep Maaha Nakhon, the town is full of ceremony name: This name is mentioned by Guinness as the longest place name in the word and teaches Thailand kids to chant it to remind themselves how this cute kid we saw in Silom showed us:

It is not as severe as China, but since 2008 the Thai authorities have spent around 500 million Bahets (£10 million/$15 million) to construct a gate to stop sites with contents that defame the empire, pornography and anything "that contains inappropriate contents and languages to incite hate and undermine domestic safety for politics or other reasons".

We' ve tried to open this Daily Mail item about the ban on diving from broken reinefs, but instead we received this message: So in Thailand you always wore your lingerie and don't ride without your shirt on. It was Sebastien who chose to do his own hands-on research and had no problem with the Thai police:

Siameses have their origin in Thailand, where they are named "Wichian Mat", which means "moon diamond". Until 1949 Siam was the former name of Thailand. Thailand has always been the main exporting country for raese. Monan is the tallest live iguanas in the whole wide oceans. It comes from Thailand. They' re widespread all over the Thai Isles and we saw them at Koh Adang when we jumped on the island:

Have a look at our Thailand trip videos and experience our submarine adventure as we bounce through this wonderful country:

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