What is important is very important, is highly valued or necessary. Your sons are the most important thing in your life. This planned general strike represents an important economic challenge for the government. Musik was an important part of the life of the community. important too: When you have to pass a test, the test is important.

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Nutrition and physical activity are important for your goodness. He raised a number of important points in his leading article. Researchers have made an important finding. It is important to her to do her work well. He is one of the most important academics in his area. Russia provides vehicles from a swimmingpool, and often civil servants, with the exception of the most important, have to go their own way back - an emergency that some have objected to in private, according to the interview with their mates.

However, what the social security state does is perhaps more important than its greatness.

However, two more numbers are more important for Nyx: 45 and 24. Cleanliness and the state were more important to them than their existence. Sometimes a winning edge and customer focus is more important for all the efforts that businesses put into developing their strategy, recruiting exceptional business advisors and introducing their place in magical fourfold.

Instead, the most important member of the coalition has set things in motion by insulting some of its close associates. The example phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to mirror the actual use of the term "important": "self-flattering, self-loving, self-promoting; cheeky, forward, unrestrained, unconditional; extrovert (also extroverted), indecent; graduation is an important thing in your world.

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What is important. Which was just as important, he seemed willing to help him. During these many changes, it remains an important trading centre. me and Austin have the most important deal in Witherby, so he's gonna drive me over. Affluence and sovereignty - yes, they are important and we must preserve them.

Everyone fulfils the most important functions of a democratic system. On March 1, he gave an important address in the House of Commons. It is important to distinguish between justice and morality. The most important part by far was of course the gestures. It is also important to use spoonfuls to mix the components.

It is important to know the kiln temperatur when cooking potato.

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