Imperial Palace

emperor's palace

Tokyo's Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. View pictures and our review of Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace also offers pick-up and delivery services.

Emperor's Palace | Chinese Restuarant

With the help of our promotions we can offer you the delicious meals you are looking for all weekend long within your budgets. There are two delicious choices every fortnight, which are only $8.95 for supper or only $5.95 for lunches. We deliver quickly and reliably, so your meal is still warm when you get it on your door.

Meet your needs without having to go to get dinner or prepare a snack. Moisten your pipe and after a long weekend unwind with our comprehensive range of mixes. We' re offering $3 beverage promotions all days, every single weekday. Indulge in genuine Mandarin cuisine and a beautiful ambiance in the family-run Imperial Palace.

Emperor's Palace | Restaurant | Lincoln, NE

Ready for some exquisite China cuisine? Visit our restauarant to savour delicious traditional China cuisine and spend a relaxed moment with your relatives and acquaintances. Culinary delights from our extensive selection of shellfish to cowmein. In the Imperial Palace we have something pleasant for every taste.

When it comes to cater for various occasions, you can count on us. Today you can find out more about our baskets.

Freeport Chinese Restaurant, IL

China's gastronomic pleasure is dependent on the ability to mix and mix colours, flavours, aromas and texture of music. Many of the most popular China cuisine from Beijing, Hunan, Szechwan, Shanghai and Canton are presented, taking all these aspects into account. You' ll notice the chosen use of toppings, walnuts, condiments and condiments as well as the choice and cutting of virgin vegetable to provide a gastronomic delicacy.

In the Imperial Palace we specialise in Mandarin, Szechwan and Hunan, yet we still serve some of Canton's favourite cuisines. All our personnel in the Imperial Palatinate hope you enjoy your meal.

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