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An immortal TV series

TRANSACTION: The Immortal The Complete Collection. Der Unsterbliche (television series 1970) Christopher George's film The Immortal is an US TV series with Christopher George as a man whose chemical bleeding and immortalization against almost all illnesses (including age) is the goal of several well-to-do men who would use him as a private bleeding house, broadcast on ABC from September 24, 1970 to January 14, 1971.

This series is on the basis of a same-named experimental movie, which was broadcast on September 30, 1969 as the ABC Movie of the Week. It' an abridged version of the James Gunn novel The Undead. This series of works was written by Dominic Frontiere, who is best known for setting the sci-fi ethology series The Outer Limits to a musician.

Though The Immortal was cancelled in the off-season, the Episode was repeated by ABC in the mid-season of 1971. Non-indestructible to any known illness, even old age. Periodical transfusion of his lifeblood can give other men a second, a third or more. Find Ben Richards! That'?s why I have to constantly monitor Ben Richards' existence.

Maybe his sibling has the same sobriety. We have to find him before Richards does! If you had a million dollars of bleeding, where would you be hiding? This is Ben Richards: Someday the doc said I had some kind of... particular kind of hemo. I' ve got to go free! but transfusing him to the wrong man could make him a captive for all eternity.

He is a test vehicle operator for a large company held by multimillionaire Jordan Braddock. He' 42 years old, but he looks young enough to live to be 25, and he's never been ill in his Iife. Ben's name will change if he gives half a liter of it. As Braddock dies, receives a transfer of his donor and is returned from the verge of extinction, Ben's doctor Dr. Matthew Pearce realizes that his O-negative remains contain all known antigens and immunity.

That gives Ben resistance to any known illness and an approximate lifetime five to ten of that of other people, which, according to the physician, makes him "virtually immortal. Billiardaire chooses to take charge of Richards' lives in order to get hold of his life-saving heirloom. As Richards refuses all Braddock's offerings to stay with him, the multibillionaire has him locked up, but he finally gets away.

Richard informs his fiancée Sylvia Cartwright that she can never get married because she would also be arrested by Braddock (in the sequel "Sylvia" Richard puts herself in jeopardy to go to see Cartwright at her marriage with another man). When Braddock died (in the flash back movie "To The Gods Alone ", which broke the story lines between Fletcher and the series), one of his former collaborators, Fletcher (who didn't show up in the pilot), is recruited by another multimillionaire, Arthur Maitland, who also wants entry into Richards' life.

Richards' tragic suspense is rooted in the notion that he would probably never die if he lived calmly, as he would never fall victim to a known disease. However, his escape from Fletcher jeopardizes his existence by making constant perilous attempts to escape imprisonment, and his "immortal" death did not make him immunity from the loss of his aura.

This series concentrates primarily on Richards' travels and the lives he encounters as he tries to shun Fletcher. One of Richards' second acts was to find a sibling he never knew, with the implications that this sibling might be sharing his talent and thus also be endangered by ruthless multibillionaires.

A young multimillionaire, Simon Brent, arrests Ben Richards in an interrogation entitled "The Queen's Gambit". "In the sequel "Man On A Punch Card" Maitland commissions Terry Kerwin, a computer developer, to follow and forecast the movement of Richards on a workstation. The film was performed by Christopher George's spouse Lynda Day George, who was to play in another Paramount TV series Mission:

In The Immortal, the plot is quite different from that of the novel on which it is written (the main character of the work was a tramp, not a test rider who finds his mortality when he is selling his blood). Instead, The Immortal has more than a shallow similarity to the then very much loved television series The Fugitive, which is still broadcast in synthesized repetitions.

This series had finished its four-year run three years before The Immortal began. It' also the reflection of the series Run for Your World about a man who suffers from a deadly illness and wants to see everything, because he will soon be dead, while Richards has to walk, because he will practically be alive forever.

It was canceled before a final filming.

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