Each city has a right to fame, and in Ilulissat it is undoubtedly the icebergs. A city of beauty for body and soul, Ilulissat is North Greenland's centre for culture, transport and administration. **spspan class="mw-headline" id="Geschichte">Geschichte[edit]>> Jakobshavn or Jacobshaven,[4] is the headquarters and the biggest settlement of the community of Avannaata in West Greenland, about 350 km northern of the Arctic Circle. It will be Greenland's third biggest after Nuuk and Sisimiut with 4,541 inhabitants from 2013[5]. The Kalaallisut term for "icebergs" is Ilulissat in the German name.

6 ] The Ilulissat ice fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site[7] and has made Ilulissat the most favourite holiday resort in Greenland. It borders the Ilulissat Icefjord, where there are huge glaciers from the most prolific glaciers in the North. Ilulissat Declaration emerged from the meeting. The airport Ilulissat is 2.8 km north-east of the centre of the village and was constructed in 1983.

19 ] It operates flights from Ilulissat to cities in northwest and midwest Greenland via Air Greenland. Umiaq's Arctic Ferries connect Ilulissat with Sisimiut, Nuuk and other cities and villages on Greenland's west and southwest coasts. Nuuk has won the championships ten tournaments (from 2016).

Greenland' s Jens Rosing (1925-2008), a Greenlanderian painter who designed Greenland's crest, a number of Greenland' stamp, as well as illustrative children's literature and watercolours, was borne in Ilulissat. It is a twin city or cooperates with several different states: among others: Airport Ilulissat from the southern part. Accessed January 23, 2014.

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The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Ilulissat.

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