Ile des Pins

Isle of Pin

Le Méridien Ile des Pins is situated in a perfect sickle bay and embodies the unique holiday on the Pacific island. New Caledonia is the island of the pines (French: Île des Pins). The Isle of Pines portable application Immersed in crystal clear water, the Pin Islands are also a sea of lights with buoyant jibs that are the proud of their Kuniés. You' re not dreamin' - you really are on the Pin Isle! The geographic location provides the islands with a very temperate environment.

In the centre of the archipelago there is a slightly elevated platform, the highest point of which is N'ga Peak (262 m), which provides a stunning view, but l'Île des Pins is famous for its coves.

France founded a penal settlement in the southwest of the isle in 1872 to take in rebels from the Parisian community who were sent to Caledonia. Oumagne Grotto, better known as Queen Hortense's Cave, is situated in the northern part of Kunié (Island of Pines), not far from the airport. Only a few cables long of Oro Bay, known as the site of a famed resort hotels, is a naturally occurring pool from the Koralle, whose call is fractured.....

Pines barely lacks wonderful coves ( Kuto, Oro, Kanumera), but Upi, if not the most frequented, is without a doubt the most impressive. Pines is a world renowned coastal peninsula with breathtaking coves. With the Betico high ferry from Nouméa, Kuto.....

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