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Entries in other minority languages of Myanmar will be accepted, although they will take longer. International Officers travel regularly to Myanmar for educational fairs, agent visits and other events. ""There are two ways to become a citizen of Myanmar. When you are thinking about your ideas to enjoy the spectrum of peace, history and relaxation, Myanmar is the perfect destination for you. If you want to know when to visit Myanmar (Burma), take a look at our helpful weather forecast, which tells you exactly when it is best to visit Burma.

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In November, Dr. Allin-Khan paid a visit to fleeing camp near the Myanmar-Borders. Said she had to voice her "anger and dismay" at Leeds' proclamation, and added that the trip would legitimise the Myanmar government's choice to disregard diplomacy. Amjad Bashir, a member of the regional parliament who worked to protect the Rohingya ethnic group, said the trip was "misguided".

The Leeds United CEO, Angus Kinnear, said the association is "delighted" to be supporting Myanmar's aspirations for popular and top level soccer. Myanmar's administration, which does not grant Rohingya nationality and considers them Bangladeshi illegals, says it is struggling against fighters and has refused to target any civilian.

The UN could help Myanmar collect proof of crime against Rohingya: British ambassador

"There are two ways to do this, one of which is a deportation by the International Criminal Court, the second is for the Myanmar administration to do it itself," Pierce said. Myanmar's United Nations missions did not immediately react to a demand for an opinion on Pierce's proposal. Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi promised investigation if reliable proof would be presented, and head of the armed forces Min Aung Hlaing promised at split talks with Security Council envoy in the capitol Naypyitaw on Monday "tough actions" for sexually assaulted the diplomat.

However, Suu Kyi's civil rule has little oversight over the Myanmar army. UNSC members travelled to Rakhine State in Myanmar, where the United Nations and legal groups say that almost 700,000 Rohingya have escaped to Bangladesh since August. Rohingyas insurrectionary assaults on the Rakhine police stations resulted in the Myanmar army outbreak.

The Myanmar Army helicopter that took the UN envoy to North Rakhine saw many of these towns. The Security Council envoy was shown that Myanmar has constructed a Rohingya repatriation centre to accommodate a combined 150 persons per night and a 30,000 returnee throughcamp.

Ambassadors were passing two towns near the concentration camps. The Myanmar Army published a police statement last November rejecting all allegations of rapes and murders by Myanmar's police force. In the meantime, the International Criminal Court (ICC) public attorney has asked him to decide whether he is responsible for the deportation of Rohingyas to Bangladesh, a possible felony against humanitarianism, but Suu Kyi's administration has voiced "grave concern" about this move.

While Bangladesh is a member of the ICC, Myanmar is not, so if the ICC decides that it has no competence, the UN Security Council could bring the Myanmar case to justice. A way the Security Council could help Myanmar could be to appoint a U.N. investigation unit to gather, hold and retain proof, as he did in Iraq last year when investigating actions of the Islamic state that could be considered atrocities.

As an alternative, the United Nations General Assembly could launch an investigation into the most serious Rohingya crime internationally, similar to what the UN has done in Syria. Russia's UN vice-ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy, however, was cautious because Myanmar said it was ready to address the problem.

Each Council decision would require nine yes' votes and no veto from Russia or China, an associate of Myanmar.

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