I work as a Healer in another World's Labyrinth City

I' m working as a healer in another labyrinth city in the world.

Suddenly Satou Shiki, a university student, was stabbed by a slasher and then reborn in Labyrinth City. Suddenly Satou Shiki, a university student, was stabbed by a slasher and then reborn in Labyrinth City. Subtitles : I Work As A Healer In Another World's Labyrinth City. I work as a healer in the labyrinth city of another world.

I work as a healer in the labyrinth city of another world Section 10

Ruruka came to our desk and said this while we were having a real one. She' s not looking for me, but Yuel. Have you come to poacher my beautiful, excellent and lovable Yuel? Well, it's okay if Ruruka has a free time.

And to see the look of franc, who wouldn't have thought I would understand the significance? A shy smile strikes me, I want to see her awkward look, struck down by timidity and hate towards me because I mentioned it. says Ruruka with a sighs. Has she guessed my ideas just because she saw my face?

When I say something, Ruruka might hate me. Though I think Ruruka has a rather liberal character, maybe I don't provoking her partisan. Ruruka went quiet right after I came out of the taverna. I' m sure she has the look of a fan.

Aggressively! It' natural to be hostile here? The way this Ruruka guy's hostile, I can tell you I'm not guilty. Oh, actually, nothing would have happened even if I walked into the same room as her because Yuel is there. Ruruka asks after he has finished at the guesthouse receptio.

You' re concerned about Yuel's and mine? You' re just a little envious of Yuel's and mine? But there'?s no reason to say that. Yuel, you don't have to say that either. When I heard Yuel, Ruruka stared at me empty.

It' a serious phrase to look for the true. I' m sure Ruruka will treat me like a loan. I' m also making a serious remark and staring at Ruruka. Although I've always tried not to interfere so much with Yuel in the open.

I can feel Yuel stimulate my comfy parts with the right flair to do their best and feel a powerful, pleasurable sensation. Yes, Yuel seems a little bittern. Of course, the technology in this part of the globe is not very good. Surely it's convenient because Yuel does. Yuel, who is touching the tough flesh, keeps inspiring it as he cries a cry that seems to be tattered.

At least it's tough for 12-year-old Yuel. Perspiration falls off my and Yuel stimulates me again and again. Ruruka screamed and the room was opened a long way. It is Ruruka who enters the room and sees the cliché. I had Yuel grind my shoulders.

So I asked Yuel to grate my shoulders and use all the power of a kid that would make it hard for her. Ruruka will be the belligerent one. It' a scarce phrase. Yuel makes a *Pura Pura* with thumbs and fingers in the vicinity.

Ruruka, whose face is characterized by shyness, wears thin pyjamas. Ruruka is a good complement to this term, which is not normally used. When Ruruka shut her eye and breathes a profound sighs, however, I came back to an outcry. Ruruka is furious, I think, but she can't really hurt me.

Yuel just rubbed my shoulders. Surely I asked Yuel to grind my shoulders, and I was speaking in a way that was easily misunderstood by Ruruka, including the sound of Yuel grating my shoulders, and I, who receives them, said that it was soothing. Rather to tell Yuel to grate my shoulders and to emphasize that this is the only way this will work.

It' like Ruruka himself made the disgraceful mistake. If Ruruka wasn't helpless and upset.

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