I want the Fox say

The Fox must say.

Suddenly we are on this trip to America, where people want to go, and there are no obstacles. It remains to be seen whether this book can retain its appeal beyond the life of the video, but at the moment the children will want to catch this mysterious fox. The contour handle provides a firm hold and comfortable brushing.

Snake ("tradução") - Ylvis

Oh dachorro daz "au" oh dato daz "miau" oh passsaro daz "piu" oh daz "piu" oh daz "iihh" a vasa daz "mu" oh sappo daz "croac" oh elephant daz "fuu" oh elephant waz "fuu" oh quack " oh quack " oh peixe daz "glub" oh a afoca que au au" oh que a rappa doiz?

Yakha-chakha, chakha-ch! Khaha-chachah, chacha-ch! Khaha-chachah, chacha-ch! Hee-hee ha-hee! Hee, ye, ye, ye, ye! Hee, ye, ye, ye, ye! Hee-hee ha-hee! (?) A-hee-ahee ha-hee! Hee-hee ha-hee! Do I? Do I? I' m asking!

It' a Dawson's Creek mini-meeting!

It' a Dawson's Creek mini-meeting! The two of them met with their TV mother Mary-Margaret Humes this weekend and took a lovely self-help along to record for the audience. "Humes in her caption on Instagram wrote: "The smiling face....#authentic". In his Instagram Feeds, the actors share the same picture and wrote:

The father of five Van Der Beek still looks as youthful as in the beloved play serial, which also featured Katie Holmes, Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams and Williams' BFF Busy Philipps in film. The Dawson's line-up was united 20 years after the show's debut in 1998 by an Entertainment Weekly album and a gallery that came to kiosks this year.

Although Humes and John Wesley Shipp (who photographed Beek's father) were markedly away from the EW photoshoot, it is clear that Dawson and his mother still sense the same kind of affection that exists in the actors' warm message on Instagram. While there is unfortunately no re-encounter in the works - line-up members like Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson are agreed that "Dawson's" did exist in a certain period and place, pre-social massages that should not be visited again - we can at least still relish those sweaty memories (and looks back!) like these.

Ilvis Singing (What does the Fox say?)

The head of the toothbrush contains a cleaning agent for tongues and cheeks.

And he said to me, "Mama, I want one with "What does the fox say?" and to my amazement, wearing it, Brussels Buddies. I am pleased to say that my boy is so enthusiastic about his paintbrush that he sometimes forget to keep scrubbing while he dances. I' m sure my children (okay, I confess, I do too) are fond of this teethbrush.

You like to clean your own mouth and dance to the tune while it is playing. Can' t believe they actually hit the paintbrush with that one! I think my children will enjoy this.

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