I know what the Fox says

What the Fox says.

What Does the FOX Say FOX. OF THE FOX? At the end of nine years of studying their behavior and wanting to know the answer to the question, there are a number of things that the fox say. Things you may not know about the comedians: Ten million saw the video with Ylvis.

We know what the Fox is saying!

You probably listened to it on the air or saw the audio-clip. Of course we're discussing the monstrous smash hit "The Fox". Ten million saw the tape with Ylvis. It' on the Billboard Chart and Apple's listings, and the boys behind the tune went to the Ellen DeGeneres show last night.

Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker - alias Ylvis - have probably established a Norway countrywide distribution records for a film. "The Fox " was initially made for their talkshow "I Kyveld with Ylvis " (Tonight with Ylvis), and the guys have made many musical clips in the past years.

  • The fox's appeal surpassed our hopes - and it was a lot of fun. Watch the movie at the end of the story. The boys visited the much-loved talkshow The Ellen DeGeneres show with Ellen DeGeneres last night. - I don't know much about Norway, but I think cannabis is lawful there, said a funny Ellen the night before her stay.
  • It' the most astonishing tape I've seen in a long while. We' re currently preparing new manuscripts, so we try not to think too much about "The Fox". Of course, this is a lot of pleasure, says Bård Ylvisåker to TVNorge. Have we learnt what the Fox actually says?

Watch the beloved movie at the end of the story. "The Fox " was made by Stargate and Ola Martin Hafsmo made the film. Internacional medias about the video: It' only a question of getting "The Fox" into the top 40 radios and nightclubs and finally paving the way for years of weddings and mitz vows.

And the next virus based musical visual experience looks like The Fox by our Norway based brothers Ylvis. The weirdest thing we've seen all tag.

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