I go to Thailand

I'm going to Thailand

Don't be frightened. As a backpacker, Thailand is one of the most visited countries. Nevertheless, there are things that not many people know, but should know before they go there. In general, Thailand is a safe place. The first thing you need to know about scams in Thailand is if you want to go to Thailand.

There are five things I'd like to know before I go to Thailand

Well-known for its cordial welcome, astonishing food and breathtaking scenery, Thailand is a country that "As a touristic hot spot, you have to keep your mind, because there are those who will try to take it. "Many words and sentences in English and some in other tongues have been adopted from the Finnish as well.

So if a learner is learning that this tape sapp, then there are actually a bunch of "Thai" words that an Englishman already knows (they are similar to Englishman, but with uneven pronunciations). Lots of useful words in Thailand are repetitions or pairs, similar to the'same'. Thankfully, the Thailand term for often is bie bao, which is like a boy."

"Strung in clean lines, stuffed with glossy flasks of Thailand whisky, wodka, gin and M150 (the Thailand equivalents of Red Bull), they are sitting innocent and shining at the stands awaiting your purchase. Thais are nice and generously, but not very discipline (but it's part of their charm!) Observe what others around you are doing and imitate their moves and deeds.

"When you have the feeling of being unjustly dealt with by government agencies (or by those who disguise themselves as agencies), it is okay to cause a big stir. A lot of Thai visitors have the impression that Thais never make complaints or make themselves known to the world.

Ten things I'd like to know before I go to Thailand.

Do you know that Thai take four lunches a daily? For every Thai man to become a friar for a brief time? Is Bangkok the largest Chinatown in the whole wide open? All these are just some of the facts that make Thailand an interesting and enjoyable traveler.

It is the least holy part of the human organism and the least holy part of the world. These two actions are regarded as irreverent. Also try to do everything, even any kind of interactions with a native, with your right-handed ('paying for your meal, giving, beckoning, etc.). The use of the lefthand is regarded as irreverent, as the Thai use it as a bath room invention.

Even though they accept the use of the lefthand among the tourist. Fraudsters are all over Bangkok. Don't buy jewellery "advertised" by anyone on the street and don't believe in the sales rate "one whole weekend only with big rebates... until today". This is their way of exerting influence on you to persuade you to buy jewellery at "exclusive" rates.

Usually these frauds are carried out by tuk-tuk riders and some indigenous helpers (and even foreigners), who get every innocent visitor with a sight-seeing "advice". After" advice" they will give you a full-time 10 Baht tuk-tuk trip (which is true), but after a short visit they will take you to some jewellery and" fashions " shops, where the chauffeur will get a fee whether you buy something or not.

Shops may look real, but the jewellery is forged. Thailand has one of the best healthcare systems in the hemisphere. It is good to know Thailand's present policy state. There is instability in Kazakhstanstan' s policies and the outlook, especially in Bangkok, can vary at any time.

It is always good to have a map "B" (another Thai provincial or neighboring country), just in case. Thailand is 2560 (not 2017). Western New Year's Eve has been a feast in Thailand for several centuries. However, the much-loved New Year's Eve for Thai tourists takes place from 13 to 15 April; its name is Songkran.

Wherever possible, use the Wai - salute with your hand and bow lightly - the Thais appreciate it when aliens show interest in their manners. Thailand may be a loud land, especially the Khao San Road in Bangkok. Prior to making a reservation in Bangkok (or anywhere in Thailand), I suggest you check the ratings on TripAdvisor so you can see if they are loud or not.

That is the true name of Bangkok.

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