I found out what the Fox says

I' ve found out what the Fox says.

Tor and Mikkel (Stargate), who are Norwegian, turned out to be friends with Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker (Ylvis). I' ve finally found out what the Fox is saying! The Fox, what does he really say?

I' ve found out what the Fox says: Movies

Don't publish your name, Facebook pages, telephone numbers, address, etc. It may also contain information from civil servants, companies or groups (e.g. policy makers or policemen ) in a way that could be seen as an effort to encourage the user to get in touch with them. To ensure your submission is approved if you find or submission a copy of the film on another site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and you can then re-enter it.

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" Violation can result in permanently blocking your account and your channel. It is up to you to express your opinions with respect, but commentaries or contributions to humiliate a group, contextual statements of the Bigot Mystery and the derogatory use of tie arches are not permitted. It is not permitted to cause the user to break this policy.

Do be friendly to the people in our fellowship; think of the people. There are no videotapes of genuine malignant personal attacks/batteries or bodily cruelty to pets. These include brute videotapes of fighting and malignant force. These include films of abuses of children and pets. There are no third parties to license them. When it says in the file description:'For license requests, please send an email to licensing@agency.com', the file will most likely be licenced by a third part.

You can also license the watermarked movie from a third person. Movies that will be released after the release will be deleted. The simple deletion of your message may cause the spamming filters to intercept further messages. Please note: Posts from new and low level members are deleted to avoid spamming.

Please also check with us for spamming, policy or other improper video, as this will help us get rid of them faster!

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