Hunza Valley


The Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The Hunza is a valley of wonder. pcb-edit="mw-headline" id="Geschichte">Geschichte[edit]>> A report by John Bidulf in his book'Tribes of the Hindu Kush' Hunza is subdivided into 3 geographical subdivisions: County Hunza. Its most important cities, communities and dales are: It overlooks the Hunza River at an altitude of 7,388 meters (24,239 feet). The lower Hunza includes the parts of the Hunza district of the city of Aliabad tosil.

Its most important cities, communities and dales are: The Central Hunza is made up of the parts of the Hunza district of the city of Aliabad Toils. Its most important cities, communities and dales are: Alphabetization in the Hunza Valley is estimated at over 90%. The historic area of Hunza and present-day North Pakistan has had massive migration, conflict and resettlement of tribal and ethnic groups over the course of time. The Dardic Shina breed is the most significant in this area.

The colours spread in the Hunza Valley when the rising sundowner. Hunza's sacred rocks contain sketches from the shamanistic past of the area. Panoramic views of the Duikar Plateau and the terraced areas of Hunza, Pakistan. The Hunza Valley, seen from the "Adlerhorst". Snowy summits of Eagles Nest, Hunza Valley.

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Shamans and mountain ghosts in Hunza.

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