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An Hungry Travel Village

One restaurant in Rice Village has been redesigned for the next generation. Birthdays Dinner, Anniversary Dinner Reservations Hungry's provides a classical yet contemporary adventure known for its wholesome convenience nutrition and friendly atmosphere. Hungry's provides the ideal setting for a wide range of events, including infant showering, dinner for rehearsals, company parties, birthday parties and more. If you are interested in other privately or semi-privately owned venues, please visit the NextDoor in our Memorial Locator or Upstairs in our Rice Village located.

In order to make a booking enquiry, please fill in the following enquiry and a booking agent will contact you soon to verify your desired date and time. We' ll always do our best to meet you! Attention: When you reach the Ristorante, you can just sit down while we set up your dinner.

For groups of 10 or more people we need to accept payment by bank card. There is no guarantee of any particular area, but we will always do our best to fulfil your wishes. 3. 4 of your group must be present and on schedule to occupy your desk. During our main meal times we can only keep a meal up to 15 min after the booking period.

For groups of 20 persons or more a personal room booking may be required. Thanks for your interest in Hungry's. We kindly ask for a booking for a party with more than 10 persons.

Hungry's- Rice Village - 586 photos & 567 reviews - Breakfast & Brunch - 2356 Rice Blvd, West University, Houston, TX - Restaurant reviews - Telephone number

Our personnel is kind and the atmosphere is great! Nothing can go bad with Benedict's balls either. This is a good place if you are looking for a beautiful atmosphere and a great place. Hungry's is located in a great setting in Rice Village and has a great courtyard that' s great for a great week-end lunch or supper with a group.

However, the cuisine is quite mediocre, as are the beverages, and the price is more for the ambiance than for the taste. He came here one Sunday mornin' and ordered the organic Quinoa Veggie Eggs Benedict, which, as I had already indicated, were quite mediocre and nothing out of the ordinary. It was a great experience, the reservation was amazingly simple (all online).

That was excellent dinner. But at least there's some kind of park perimeter services. Me and my friend were sitting up on the terrace. It was a fantastic time. Beverages and meals were fantastic. Usually I go to Hungry's once a year because it usually lasts so long until I forgot that this place is so blue.

It' s a big place and the services are good, that's not the point. Eating, both lunches and brunches, is always so boring for me. Everybody said their dinner was fine. Situated in the travel village, this bar/restaurant has beautiful open-air seats on the first floor and on the terrace.

We' re sitting on the terrace below, which was great. Unsure why Hungrys gets such a mean conclusion, but my group and I emotion the degree and crisp component. Stuff I suggest and not disappointed in taste: - Salmon on white bread + Grecian cucumber - Southern Fried Chicken + egg + potato (bomb) - cheeseburgers + crunchy French chips I ordered the sausage breakfast burrito on wheel + potato and felt that it was missing something.

  • Remaining in good condition wasxtra spicy Bloody Mary - Mimosa Trio - White Sangria (super lightweight and refreshing) as this place was full. There was no mix-up of meals or substitution. Hungry's is a frequent customer for those who work at the hospital. Great servings, good meals, good service.

Dining is uniform and the place is always well attended. Magnificent ambience and great upper floor lounge and terrace area (interior). Arriving on a Saturday evening at BLACING, we decided to sit outside because the terrace is so welcoming. With a few frosts and cozy snuggling up under one of the huge terrace shades, the 90 degrees temper became less important.

Simple to get to...I know because when I'm starving, I don't like to waste case sensing and sensing for a cognition. AWESOME is the carrots with my shrimps / pickled vegetables. I was here with my nephew for lunch, I am happy that he was enjoying his meal, unfortunately not, I am with one of the other guests, this place has a beautiful decoration, terrace and atmosphere, but the meal did not meet my expectations, I had the shrimp pie Benedicte, which had more breadcrumbs than shrimps, together with a few shrimp mussels, I really wanted to like this place, but I have to say that I will not be back.

There is a large open seat inside and a large terrace, both at the top and bottom. I ordered the steaks and balls, boiled and spiced to perfection. This is a completely distasteful or over-salted meal. It was good but that' s because I came here with a large group of interviewed for MD Anderson.

While I was so nervous to go there, when I had my first snack, I knew I would be starving for the remainder of the evening after I came to Hungry's. You come here starving, you make him more. So, in relation to position, Hungry's has probably one of the best in town, right in the centre of the lovely Rice Village with a large interior and exterior area furnished.

So, the place gets five-star. The services were on schedule and on schedule. However, the meal was not very good, I got a shrimp pie egg Benedikt, and overall I was not too satisfied. I had a lot of stones in my balls, and most of the shrimp pie was full. They' ve been occupied, but it's clear that my meal was sitting under a warm light for far too long, and it was clear that nobody took the liberty of noticing that my balls were overboiled.

Hungry's for over a year, and since they were rebuilt. Exceptional services. and we ordered shrimp pie pancakes, Benedikt, a French fry pancake with chickens and a waffle. Technically - the meal was good, but with a few flaws: the cooked egg was a little exaggerated - what kind of ruin egg Benedikt, since the cupcake (or at Hungry's ciabatta's) only serves to float the running bay with the dutchandaise, and the shrimp pies had far too much bread;);

still there were no wow facts with any of these plates (if hungrys sucked it up and more crab meat would be adding to the cake, this court would be the bomb; also, lay this wafer with a whole chick chest, pounded down a little to pass, instead of three scant looking stripes - the top had a big gyroscope but was pathetic naked.

At the price (the conversion is beautiful and I don't care to pay for the special ambiance, but the meal has to fit), I would have expected a little more deception with these meals; even the servings seem to be much smaller from my earlier visit - there was hardly any flesh in the top and a miserly amount of potato with the Benedikt (see photos).

End result (from large to poor) was a site that was inconsistent (except for the service): Services - 5 star (Joe rescued this reviews from the south) ambiance - 4 star (new face lift, but a little noisy inside ) meal - 3 star (properly spiced; editable mistakes; easily slovenly, rustic-looking presentation) value - 2 star (and if the servings keep shrinking, will make folks leaving Hungry's.........hungry!!

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