Hungarian Restaurant

The Hungarian Restaurant

For the best Hungarian food in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Hungarian restaurants in London. A lot of tourists want to taste traditional Hungarian food and wine in an authentic Hungarian restaurant. What does an authentic Hungarian restaurant look like? FULL LICENSED HUNGARY RESTAURANT IN THE RUSHDEN HIGH STREET. in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

We' re a new Hungarian organic cafe restaurant in New Cross Gate.

We' re a new Hungarian restaurant in New Cross Gate. At the same time, we are proud to supply the highest level of natural foods at reasonable costs. All our dishes and sweets are prepared fresh from the best natural produce from our own certified farm in Welling and Keats Organics and a number of other farms.

The fellowship is at the core of our company. To strengthen the fellowship through diet and health, we work in close collaboration with the Toucan Employment No. 178 and a number of other grassroots organizations such as Growing Wild, New Cross Learning and more. Come with us to our juicebar for livemusic, specials, good meals and healthful juices or take your free moment to enjoy our tea, coffee and cake.

In order to make a reservation or to discuss possible activities or joint ventures with us, please fill in the following contact information.

Award-winning Hungarian restaurant, New Cross - review by The Rosemary, London, England

The place provides great qualitiy for low price, an interesting menu of wines and is roomy, relaxing and amiable. Meat soup boiled to perfection, home d├ęcor, great alternate to high road restaurant with too much of an.... That'?s great dinner! Delicious homemade meal, just like your mom. Beautiful choice of meat and vegetable choices.

It' s a pity that they run out of Hungarian lagers, because hopefully I wanted to try it next to them. Very recommendable, good meals with a nice ambience and nice personnel and all this at reasonable rates. I' ve been in the New Cross area for years and I'm happy about the revitalization of this place, where I think The Rosemary is the best restaurant in this place.

Here you will find a cosy, not arrogant and child-friendly ambience (a great benefit for families). The meal is presented without unusual decoration and in good sizes, all he cares about is TASTE. They also serve good Hungarian wines (yes, you can find the Tokay!!!) and the Somloi-Galuska-small stuff is there to dying.

It is a unique place with a great deal of living room entertainment and outstanding client services (please don't be put off by the rather sluggish pace of serving, when the meals are freshly prepared, you have to hold off a bit......we are used to the "ready meals" in London....). Visit on a later Friday evening, when the restaurant was relatively calm.

It' a shabby-chic-fat tray, cosy. It was a timely and kind response. So we decided on the tasty and tasty piece of tender meat for our bovine Goulashaw, which was tasty and delectable. Bovine dumpling casserole was a no. Cuisine is rustic and easy. All-round a very good, tasty and healthy dish, presented in a no-nonsence ambience.

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