Hten San Cave

Cave of Hten San

This cave is impressive, but much of its natural beauty is now framed by Buddha statues and cement floors. San Cave Shan State, Myanmar. Cave of Hten San The Grand Palace offers its guest first-class service and a wide variety of comforts, a mixture of contemporary style and Asiatic sophistication. The Grand Palace is dedicated to making your visit to Myanmar as pleasant as possible and to creating an atmosphere that will make your visit to Myanmar an unforgettable experience and a true home.

M-22, Shwe Htee Housing, Thamine Station St., Near Bayint Naung Point, Mayangone Tsp. Adress: No. (50), Yegyaw Road, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.

Cave of Hten San Hten San Cave is 26 mi (42km) from Taunggyi, which is about.....

The town of Hten San Cave is 26 km (42km) from Taunggyi, the capitol of Shan State, and 10 km (16km) from the town of Hopone. It' a cave of 1800 metres above sealevel. Situated in the centre of the cave of Hten San is one of its great miracles, the cave of Hten San, in the Shan State's highlands and a testimony to the masters of nature.

Running creeks, low basins with crystalline waters and high pillars characterise this lively cave. Marvel at the rocks and the natural beauties that decorate the cave. Make Hten San Cave your first stop in Taungyi.

Parcel 2 nights

Go to Heho, Inle Lake. You will be met by your chauffeur at the hotel. Take a cruise on the Inle See, including the following sights: Swimming pools and swimming markets (if it is a fair day); The Phaung Daw Oo, an 1800s Buddha School of great importance in Myanmar.

Back to the motel. Evening meal and accommodation at the Nyaung Shwe hotels. In the early hours after breakfasts, travel to Kakku (Pa-Oh area) and visiting the Shrine. Then, further on to Htan San Cave, 60 kilometers eastern of Taunggyi, Hten San is a vast and tragic system of lime stone caves that is home to large galactites and galagmites.

The cave is more naturally beautiful than the other cave in the Shan state near Pindaya, although it has some glaring Buddhist tolls. Then, you' ll go back to Taunggyi and the Taunggyi Local Market. Transfers back to the motel in New Shwe. Overnight at your Egyptian hotels in New Shwe. In the early hours of the day, after breakfasts, you will head to the Pindaya Cave.

Visiting the most important Pindaya Caves with their thousand of Buddha pictures from all over the worl. Dinner at the souvenir shop. Transfers to the airport.

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