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Saving things to do Hpa A myanmar hike Hpan Pu Mountain. He gave us his tips for visiting Mount Hpan Pu for the sunset on the day we arrived. HIPAN PU HIKE IN HPA AN, MYANMAR The Hpa An is a great city below Yangon in Myanmar that turned out to be my favourite station during my three-week journey from Mandalay to Yangon. Doing one of the first things I did when I got to Hpa An was to drive up Mount Hpan Pu at sundown. You have two ways to get to Hpan Pu and you can decide which means of transportation best meets your needs.

Walking from Hpa An to Hpan Pu Mountain is the most frequent way to the Shwe Yin Myaws. This is only a 10-15 minute walking distance, which depends on where your guesthouse is located. When you reach the podium, go down to the banks of the stream and you will find some wood vessels that are rather informal and have put up a few cabins.

By the time I got there, there wasn't much going on and I was waiting for a bosun to come near me. and 6 hens handcuffed to a bar. You have to return the vessel and our guide did not want to return us after dusk.

There was a risk and fortunately there was a ship that would take us back, but that is not necessarily something you can rely on. As soon as you have crossed the stream, go through a small town. They have several signposts indicating the trek and the local people know why you are there and will point you in the right directions if you look upset.

You can also get to Mount Hpan Pu by motorcycle over the viaduct. It' a 20 km long ride from Hpa An city, which may seem like a long one. There are, however, many caverns and rides near Hpan Pu Mountain, so you can spend the rest of the year on this side of the stream.

With your own motorcycle you can ride all the way to the base of the walk and come back at any moment, even when the last of the boats has crossed the riverbank and the day has gone down. I' m using the word walking loose because it's a steep climb, but I think it's still a wander.

It' s quite precipitous and gets wet in thick leaves, so be ready to go to a sweating party and carry plenty of rain. It was a very interesting walk with a mixture of stairways, cliffs and debris levels and trekking up to the top. The probably most cool part of the walk was a lookout tower made of wood and placed in the center of the walk.

but we' ve been hanging around here for a while taking the city and the stream before we continue our climb. On the top of Hpa An Mountain a gold coupe is marking the top. On one side we were looking back over the city of Hpa An and on the other side over the hills.

That'?s a boom for you, boy walk.

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