The Hpakant Township is a community of the Mohnyin District in Kachin State of Burma (Myanmar). Hpakant is the administrative centre. Township, Myanmar with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Hpakant Township (Burmese: ??

??????????????; also Kamaing Township) is a community of the Mohnyin District in the Kachin State of Burma (Myanmar). Jade mining in Lonkhin/Hpakant Gems Tract has caused environmental damage.

Dig deeper: in the Hpakant Mine built by Jaade

Hpakant Java Mine in Kachin State is considered the most precious Myanmar gas resources and is estimated to produce up to $31 billion a year. Not much of this cash ends up in the destitute, conflict-ridden Kachin state, as a network of covert licensees, often with connections to the army, profits from the advantages of landmines.

Now Hpakant seems to be a sparse lunar landscape in which entire hills have been transformed into a wreck. Many of them end up using drugs while in the poorly controlled landmines they are involved in accident. Burma Now journalist Htet Khaung Linn paid a visit to Hpakant in April and his photographs show some of the cuts.

Have a look at the corresponding biography of a miningman.

Hpakant Jade Mine in Myanmar kills at least 13 people

Wells in Myanmar said at least 13 migratory labourers were murdered and eight wounded by a failing stockpile on Friday when they found residual manure in a mine in the municipality of Hpakant in the north of Myanmar. "He said, "The business allows external employees to search for it outside the company's normal working time.

8 employees were wounded and sent to a Hpakant clinic. Meanwhile, a number of agencies, members of civic organizations and NLD members are continuing to look for lives. "So even in the heaviest rains they look for it, and then the landslips happen," he said. "and the government does not take legal proceedings against them.

Myanmar's Hpakant area, where up to 90 per cent of the world's jadeite is extracted, has seen a significant number of fatalities in recent years from a series of fatal mudslides in which dumps of waste on scavangers have broken down, looking for bits of the precious gem that has been abandoned in the mine in dangerous mounds of debris and overburden in jet-pits.

Hpakant, located about 640 kilometres Naypyidaw, the northernmost point of Myanmar's capitol, is the centre of the country's youth production sector and is home to some of the world's finest jades.

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