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Establish your own way to research, adventure and community on the island of Hawaii. Hawaiian Island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, essential eco-systems and a mixture of global culture. Featuring 80% of the world's eco-systems in our back yard, you can discover SCUBA diving in the Pacific as part of your oceanology course work or discover old farming techniques in the centuries-old tariff patch of Waipi'o Valley.

Combining a strict, pre-study study syllabus with the opportunity to create and execute your own high-caliber, hands-on research or creativity work. With the Energy Lab, Keystone Project, Adventure and many other programmes, we help and enable you to discover your mind about the rest of the planet as you get ready for your studies and school.

Preparatory Academy Hawaii - Lower School

This starts early, with daily lessons given by our lower school instructors, professionals who take great pride in their work. They have made it their mission to guide each and every one of their students through a demanding and rewarding K-5 education programme and to help each and every one of them achieve their fullest potential. Across all disciplines, inquiry-based teaching is incorporated with a final dissertation in the fifth year.

We launched a 1:1 iPad drive in August 2016 that took a pedagogical technician to the campuses to help college and high school teachers further incorporate the technological knowledge of the twenty-first-century into classroom and beyond. You are invited to come to our university to find out what is most important to you and your baby.

Advanced - Hawaii Preparation Academy

The Advanced Level Programme is a continuation of the basic abilities and key contents started in the lower and middle school departments, while new pupils from other colleges around the globe are admitted. Our services focus on providing access to information for research, international tour programmes and immersion training. With our Sigature programmes, our pupils have the opportunity to improve their abilities and produce an amazing work to prepare for their studies and their future lives.

We have both daily and boarders in our group. Together they form a living fellowship where studying is happening everywhere - in the classroom, on our campuses and on our breathtaking islands and in the sea. Native English language and culture teachers make friends internationally, our boarders explore places, stories and stories that will nurture the spirit and fantasy forever.

Our graduates are valued as highly promising people. Learners take the opportunity to learn different lifestyles.

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