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UK Health Protection Agency (UK) Are you looking for an online definition of HPA or what does HPA stand for? What does 965hPA mean? Politeness of another quest bringing criminals here, and after Hurricane Katya last weeks and the synoptical map I joined for it. So, we began again with the same overview. We have a low water area in this diagram, Hurricane Katya, northwest of Ireland, in the Rockall marine area, right in the center at L 960.

That means a low water area, 960 hPa, hektopascal. Hectopascal is a measurement of ambient pressures, which is a measurement of the forces exerted by the mass of light over the surface. Average atmosphere is 1013 (not 1000) at a default ambient of 20° Celsius. Hectopascal was formerly known as Millibar, and the mean bar was 1 bar at ocean-height.

For example, the barometric is 1013 or lower and 1014 is obviously high, as you can see in the table. The more you rise, the lower the head will be. At Everest etc. the mass of light enough to boil the hot tub at a much lower temp, cooking is only the capacity of the hot tub to move from one state to another, fluid to vapor, vapor pressure).

You know that low pressures are usually associated with poorer, worse or worse conditions. The center of the card is encircled by circle shaped circles known as the isobarls. The way a line on a card indicates altitude, isobaric line indicates a difference in pressures that increases with increasing distance from the center. The 960 hPa is a particularly low system of pressures, as is usual in larger windstorms.

Pressures can go even lower. Hurricane Irene, which was so threatening the east of the USA, fell to 942 hPa and we saw 945 hPa on this side of the Atlantic in the great strike of 1988. Meteorologically, a low-pressure area is referred to as a cyclone and a high-pressure area as an anti-cyclone.

At the top, the wind in the hurricane/weather system is wind that flows from the nearby high pressures into the low pressures and fills it up, just like running uphill. An overview or print diagram can tell you a great deal about the climate on a large area. I will come back to this topic and describe the remainder of these triggers and squares and lines on the map.

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