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The boats all stop at U Na Auk? There is then the Dawei bus station south of the city, where the Mawlamyine motorway leaves for Thanbyuzayat. Your visit to Hpa An & Mawlamyine will be a fascinating and unforgettable experience. Cycling through Hpa-An (Kayin State). Kayin's capital is Hpa-an.

Does anyone know the timetables of buses from Mawlamyine to Hpa-An? - MYANMAR message board

Does anyone know the timetables of Mawlamyine - Hpa-An busses? "And I don't believe a single one of them. My own personal experiences show that most of what you see on the web about busses is garbage. So, someone actually took a coach to Hpa-an recently. "I' m sure there would be mini-busses.

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Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? Can I take a ferry from Hpa An to Mawlamyine? Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? The trip takes about 4 hours by boot and only 1 hour by road. An Hpa to Mawlamyine by boot? beech about ur motel very cheap, one i only took 6 of us. its a small open boot with a top so ur out of the Sun.

Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? There' s no point in renting a $50 personal yacht. I do not have a boats, there are only those guests who are booking through a guest house or an agents. I' m not sure there's another boating in town. Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub?

You know if the Mawlamyine - Hpa An ferry is every day in Nov.? Mpa An to Mawlamyine by Sub? If there are floats every day in the month of Nov., not all of them go to U Na Auk cloister.

Where to get to Mawlamyine?

You can use the quick links below to skip to the required section about transporting in and around Mawlamyine. From the beginning of 2016 the  Mawlamyine International Park will be shut down. At the moment the nearest airports are in Dawei or Yangon. The train runs from Mawlamyines rather large new stop to Thanbyuzayat, Ye and Dawei in the South, or all points northwards to Yangon, incl. Thaton, Kyaikto (for the Golden Rock) and Bago.

A better way to describe it would be to be oversized, as the imposing railway terminal actually has only one southerly and three northward runs per night. The southern part of the line will leave at 04:30 and cost 2,000 euros to Ye or 5,900 euros to Dawei. up to 5 Hour or It' about nine to Yangon.

First and last descents are 4,250k yat top and 2,150k yat usual grade, while the 19:30 is reportedly an expressed and cost a little more at 2,350 or 5,500k yat. Mawlamyine Central Railway is off the Ringstrasse, where it encounters Theik Pan Street, approximately opposite the Uzina Pagoda.

It' worth 1,000-1,500 kyats to take a motorcycle cab into the city. Once you have gone up the coastline, Mawlamyine now has some thrilling transportation possibilities, not only up or down, but now also to the side, with busses heading eastwards to Hpa-An. It is located eastwards of the U Khanti Pagoda and is serving Yangon and faces south.

There is then the Dawei Coach Terminal just outside the centre, where the Mawlamyine motorway exits in the direction of Thanbyuzayat. At last there is a small Hpa-An on Bogyoke Lane near the townhall on the northern side of Mt. Busses run at frequent service to Yangon at Yangon Central Railway Terminal, and there are also stops to the east or west.

From Ye or Dawei you will reach here, but if you leave for one of these places you have to go to the small train stop of Dawei. The reason for this is that busses between Yangon and Dawei or Myeik do not collect guests in Mawlamyine. In the evening the busses seem to drive south and while some tuk-tuk riders expected there should be a descent to Dawei in the mornings, we couldn't find any.

Hpa-An busses run the whole day for the 1,000 kilo ride. The minibuses should be 30 min. from this ride if you are in a rush, but they will throw you back 5,000-6,000 Kie. The Ye is about four a. m. inclusive a stop in Thanbyuzayat. A ticket costs 3,000 kyats for a seat in an Air-Con coach.

You depart from the Dawei central train terminal. Busses to Dawei - if available - are about 12,000 kyats and last seven to eight-hour. Yangon-linked busses, with a lot of competitors, go for a 6,000-k yat deal. A masochist can even drive all the way to Mandalay for 10,500 kyats - it lasts 24hrs.

The Yangon runs are every hour and you can take these busses in Thaton, Kyaikto or Bago. The new motorway to Hpa-An has made the everyday shipping connections between Mawlamyine and Hpa-An far less attractive for the people. We were offered 60,000 kyats for a simple long-tail or 80,000 kyats for a small roofed Speedboot on the way to Hpa-An for rent.

This is a long and not very convenient journey in a long tail - we expect it to last at least three as well.

Imagine a tuk-tuk in the city for a few hour to see the attractions goes for about 10,000 Kie. Motorcycle rental is not as simple as in Hpa-An or even Dawei. As we were visiting breeze,they volunteered to Honda for 10,000 kyats a DA. Myanmar Travel on the Dawei Jetty provided good-looking MTBs for 6,000 kyats per night and motorcycles for 10,000.

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