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Situated in the centre of the city, the Shweyinhmyaw Pagoda is Hpa-an's most attractive and popular temple for locals and visitors alike. Explore the best top things in Hpa-an, including Saddan Cave, San Ma Tau Myanmar Restaurant, Kyauk Kalap. Attractions, activities and sights in Hpa An Yangon is only 270 km away - the old Myanmar capitol. Here you can see an amazing abbey named Kyauk Kalap, unique on a cliff in a small pond. An enticing experience waits for you from the convent to ascend the Zwegabin, which offers many lovely landscapes on the way up and offers breathtaking vistas from above.

A walk through the busy early bird market, getting to know the locals and staying for long periods in loneliness make Hpa An a rewarding visit for a few nights. There'?s "tour guides" and "tour leaders. We' ve spend years identifying and building the best Myanmar travel group. We are a competent, agile and kind staff, but full of personalities.

Quickly adapting to our clients' reactions, we are ready to tell about the stories, cultures, tips and things that are close to our hearts, to develop our personalities to provide the best experience for our dear clients.

Main activities in Hpa-an, Myanmar (Burma)

Traditional meals filled the meal in this welcoming, tidy place that also features football. There are many choices in the English-language menus, many of which are veggie, or just for ale. Hpa - a subsidiary of a renowned Taunggyi restaurants, Shan State, Yadanar 2 serving delicious Shan pasta, as well as pasta stews, vermicelli and a beautiful salmon dressing.

It is the most beloved place Hpa-an has at a local pub - with Kirin and Myanmar draught beer - and also offers sensible meals in China flavour. It' pretty dirty, but this tearoom offers proper teas and newly brewed nana - ideal for your breakfasts.

Hpa-an, Myanmar (Burma) Tourist Attraction

Near the shore, this gold dove is a favourite spot for sunsets and an ideal place to observe the daytime life of the people. Digitized now, but not always exactly, Hpa-an's turret is illuminated like a colorful lolly at midnight. Hpa-an's pulsating early bird fair is good for a walk and a conversation with the local people.

Convent in the western part of Hpa-an, near the creek. Cloister in the center of Hpa-an. Hpa-an's Hauptmoschee.

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