Hpa an Sightseeing

The Hpa and Sightseeing

Worth seeing places around Hpa-an, Myanmar We arrived in Yangon, jumped to Bago, drove to Mount Kyaiktiyo and visited Mount Kyaiktiyo and visited Mount Marlamyine. We took a small van to Hpa-an (pronounced pa-aun). Personally, I use the word "minibus" easily because our guest house named it that way, but the real thing is that it was a full-fledged coach with minibuses. SE Asiatic nations, I vow to make chairs developed for humans under 152 cm (five feet) in heights.

Therefore we chose to take this itinerary ( southern, then northern ), expecting to take a boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa-An. They can rent a privately owned motor boat to make the journey, but at 60,000 Kieats (almost 70 USD) it was out of our bud. Occasionally it goes with six aliens sharing the costs, but only enough folks visiting in high time.

As we only found out when we got there, we had to take a mini bus to the south. Ticket prices are a very reasonable 1,000 keats ($1.13USD) per capita - a good deal as we didn't have to buy places for our pockets as we did from Yangon to Bago. Although it was not possible to take the riverside, the trip was intriguing - shallow flats with stone columns usually covered with gold pagoda.

The majority of our buses stops are outside the town, so we came a few kilometres from the town centre of Hpa-an. Watch out for this fraud as it happens to several other human beings while we are there. It'?s on Hpan Pu Mountain. Using his advice, we visited Mount Hpan Pu for the setting sun on the arrival date.

There is a stunning panoramic position, as is the way up the mountains. First you must take a long-tail vessel to cruise the Thanlwin River (500 keats or 56¢, per capita for the 10-minute trip). Go for a quick stroll to the top of the hill through a small town, go along the foot of the hill until you see steps and an arc and start your climbing.

The descent was not just quicker, so make sure you schedule enough to return for the last boat to return (between 18:30-19), or you may be stuck overnight on the wrong side of the creek. What is great about the position of the hill is that it is directly opposite Hpa-an, so that the views are of the city and the city.

Combine the views with the setting sun and the walk is rewarding. For the most part, the trip is a daytime hire tent but one that could accommodate 10 persons in the back. Good tidings are that the rate depended on the number of persons (the more persons, the less per paying person), so we went looking for other interested persons.

With hindsight, I can't imagine how to get to the nearby attractions without employing a localsriver. Beside the ascent to Hpan Pu Mountain and the full day trip we found in Hpa-an several locals serving delicious Myanmar dishes (and draught beer) that really excited us.

San Ma Tau in particular was the cheapest place to eat in perhaps all of Myanmar. us for a whole 2,000 kyats ($2. 25USD), for both of us. Located a short distance on foot from the city centre, the place is well rewarded. Customers are both foreign and local, and if you choose a "main course" (curry, fry vegetables, etc.) for 500 kyat (?¢), for another 500 kyat you get ten side courses, travelers, travel, broth, tee and three kinds of desserts (all of which were virtually "unlimited", or at least you could say that their serving sizes can be regarded as exceedingly generous.).

If you are visiting Hpa-an, San Ma Tau is a must. A further place where we found ourselves during our brief trip was lunch at #2, a place that gave us the honor of presenting ABC Extra Stout - the best stock we've had since Africa. You had good vegetable meal, but it was the inexpensive barrel draught that kept returning (600 kyats or 67¢, for Myanmar berries and 750 kyats or 85¢, for ABC Extra Stout).

Altogether we stayed three days in Hpa-an and every single moment we had. It' just how much playing fun you have depend on how much you have. As Myanmar can be a place hard to predict (some areas may become unaccessible to aliens without warning), Hpa-an is definitely a good choice if you have a little more work.

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