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It was a pleasure to stay there, because the resort is really beautiful, in a breathtaking nature outside of Hpa-An. Largest selection of resorts in Hpa An. Compare prices, read reviews and book the best resort for your stay.

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It is very suitable for a small children of 2 and 4 years old. Beautiful panoramic view, very comfy rooms and good meals! He spent two evenings, but he would have liked to spend a whole weekend here. Fantastic panoramic sight from your cot directly on the nearby Kalksteinberg mountains& If you live in a place like this, you don't need a TV or connection to the net.

Used to love the burgers and pastas for lunches, and the fillet of fillet of veal and goats cheeses for dinners. We' dined there and had a pleasant place and services.

Dinner was delicious and inexpensive. Beautiful place to relax with your relatives and buddies. A comfortable holiday and good meals in a wonderful environment. Not one centimetre more, let alone one further kilometer. Quiet and quiet and comfortable views! but the front office (some employees,not all) is not so kind and not ready to help when we were there, the others are excellent!

The supply of after sales services was a big failure.

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It focuses on communities near Hpa-an, the state of Karen in Myanmar. Finally last weeks I made the decision to go with our 4 year old girl to Hpa-an, from Yangon, where we currently reside, and to see what is really unique about Hpa-an and its area.

But every new place I go, I am so dumbfounded by the astonishing beauties I find. When I returned from a really nice place, Pwin Oo Lwin, about an hours and a half from Mandalay, I thought it would be difficult to reach this breathtaking city.

Well, Hpa-An definitely did. This is a great place. But the places I visited were 100% sure that this is a unique travel stop, so much so that we added it as a travel stop and are the greatest supporter of the lovely Hpa-an, and I can say quite conveniently that the resort was one of, if not the most wonderful place I spent the night here in Myanmar, and I remained in a crowd, after all it was my work to know these things!

We drove to Hpa-an in a personal vehicle, which took 5.5 hrs, with a short break for breakfast on the way. Kyaung, our rider, was a great, extremely confident rider and speaks very good English. Once we got there, we stayed the whole night in our marvellous little guesthouse, where I talked to the general director to tell her how much I was amazed by the resort, and my daughters enjoyed the swimming pools - which have the best views of the famed Zwegabin mountain...but you can probably do a sight-seeing trip in the afternoons if you feel like it!

I had a really good breakfasts (we were spoiled with biscuits, balls, fresh fruits, yoghurt and culinary coffee) and then I went to Phaung Phaung, who began with his woman, a 3-class native of Hpa-Kloster. A disciple of hers, Pan Phyuphyu Say, took my woman, my daughters and me to see the astonishing Kyauk Kalap Pagoda.

Situated in the midst of a small pond on a round, high boulder, the panorama of the mountain is breathtaking. It is advisable to make a gift, especially if he asks your name and gives you a few blessings - he did it for our little girl Maiya!

After a great dinner my family and I were a little sleepy and thought to go back to the hotel....the swimming pools overlooking the Zwegabin mountain beckoned them...I had a quest to see the infamous Saddan caves. Our pupil leader Pan Phyuphyu Say, our rider Kyaung and I drove to Saddan caves.

There are stairs, but they are damp and slick, so grab the railing and get off the bike gradually. While they now have light everywhere in the Saddan Cavern, brings a flare, just in case. In the centre and especially at the other end you listen to the sound of thousand and thousand of bat clutching high up on the rock.

Then, although there are one or two cold holes in the centre of the cavern that let in nature's beams of sunlight, you are abruptly confronted with a flash of sunlight that exposes the most picturesque of lakes........ Mystery 3: On the other side of the caves you can rent a small kayak, go through a small cavern and back to the front door without going through the cavern. and on the other side reappear to be welcomed by the most scenic - wonderful mounds and who knows who hangs in their kayaks on the lakes.... take many photos, but in any case not the landscape that is easy to forget.

Climb the clouds....Zwegabin mountain. It' precipitous and takes between 1 and half an hour (if you're really fit) up to 4 if you stop a bit and take photos. It took me a little more than 2 hrs and I took a few photos and video. After all this it was definitely one if not the climax of my journey to Hpa-an.

Stay at least one hours on the summit of Zwegabin and you will experience a particular peace and tranquility. I' m very laid-back..... but I could see the Hpa Lamodge from up there. Secretary 5: Best views at the cost of a limo! At the centre of the city, there is a motel named Glory Park, tell the front desk that you want to go to their top level to have a drinks.

It' s a lemonade to buy. You can open the door and there is a terrace on both sides where you can run around and enjoy the views of the entire area. Afterwards we went back to our guesthouse for a swimming in the evening..... and an early supper.

In Hpa-An you should also stop and visit the beautiful views of Zwegabin Mountain and if you want to rent a small "swan" pedalo. Also, our Hpa-An Lodge has another place that has a great cup of good quality tea and is definitely waiting to make a stop.

I suggest you do this in the afternoons, after a stop at the lakeside - in the city - have a look at the views from Hôtel Gory and then go for a cup of tea at Hôtel Gabana. There is a small cafe at the front door, not in the motel, which you cannot miss.

Then after another great breakfeast Maiya and I went back to Yangon....it was rainin', and I was glad that we had seen so much and were so fortunate to have spent the night in such a great boutiquehotel. Should you have any queries about Hpa-an, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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