Hpa an Lodge Myanmar

Myanmar Hpa and Lodge

The Hpa An Lodge, the Hpa An, Myanmar. The Hpa An Lodge (Hpa-An, Myanmar) "Beautiful place to complete your holiday at a decent price" "Beautiful motel, though somewhat too expensive for what you get. It' OK to have a good meal, but it could be more varied. I' d consider stayin' again, but Thiri Hpa - a nearby motel is cheaper. "Thiri Hpa-An and Zwe Ka Bin hotels both spent the nights.

Next to the Zwe Ka Bin is the new Thiri Hpa-An Hotell. The prices are almost the same. They' re both great views of the city. It is better to look at the two Ka Bin pools because it is situated under the big hill and overlooking the Zwekabin hill. than a Thiri Hpa-An Hpa-An Hpa-An Hpa-An Hpa-An Hpa-An Hpa-An Hotel breakfast is better." The city centre can be reached in about 10 minutes and you can also get Burmese cuisine, typical Myanmar cuisine, typical local dishes and many snack bars in the city centre.

but it'?s rewarding with the services and can be a great pleasure." "Marvellous situation, good rooms, friendly personnel, now also with pool and kitchen." "You' ll see the first default as soon as you get to the city. Usually the room costs less than 100 US$, which is for the best room.

Two Cabin Hotel. Edited)"" "Next to the mountain, with good view, good backyard, hot personnel, Nice Resort, large parking, delicious breakfast, Best in PatAn City, we like it!"

Kayin, Myanmar, Hpa An Lodge

The Hpa An Lodge is situated in the area / town of Hpa-An. Excellent services and a large selection of amenities will ensure that you have no complaints during your time at Hpa An Lodge. Reception is available around the clock, from check-in to check-out, or if you need help. If you want more, do not hesistate to ask the reception, we are always prepared to receive you.

Enjoy your favourite meals with Hpa An Lodge's exclusive kitchens. Hpa An Lodge is the right place to spend the night.

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