Hpa an Lodge Hotel Contact number

Lodge Hotel Contact Number

The Hpa An Lodge, the Hpa An: After your booking, the property will contact you to give you instructions. The Hpa An Lodge in Hpa-An, Myanmar: P.A. A hut Passengers must present a voucher with photograph, VISA and your personal debit and/or debit cards at check-in. The Hpa An Lodge indoor and outdoor pools will be shut down for scheduled service and improvements from 14 to 25 May 2017.

We apologize for any possible discomfort during the servicing time. Payments are made before your departure by wire-pay. After your booking, the real estate will contact you to give you directions. Located in Hpa-an, Hpa An Lodge provides air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. There is also a catering facility with a courier services.

There is a private hotel with private facilities. You can enjoy a continuous breakfasts on the area. This area is very well-liked for biking, and you can rent bicycles at the hotel.

Lodge Hpa-an | Hotels in Hpa-An

Situated at the base of the Zwegabin Mountains, Hpa-an Lodge is a convenient choice for boutiques, just a brief ride from Hpa-an's small but vibrant city. All 18 villas have been carefully decorated to combine contemporary conveniences with Karen tradition. Situated in a large landscape area, the residence is a great place to unwind or refuel after a full exploratory days.

Rooms are TV-free and offer the guest the ideal pretext to open a books, hear or just relax at the lodge's private bath. In Hpa-an the food is restricted, but the lodge has an abundant selection, ranging from local food to local cuisine.

Tailor-made holidays in Burma | Hpa-An Lodge

The Hpa-An Lodge is a country estate that allows visitors to discover the South Karen (or Ka-Yin) state, which is tantamount to its tragic landscape of caverns, boulders, mountains and streams. The surrounding towns are dominated by the loom, where every day colorful clothes in the typical hotel dress are used to decorate the pillows on the balcony and bedding of the houses.

The Hpa-An Lodge has only 18 tastefully decorated cabins on trails, two of which are family cabins. Each cottage is large, equipped with tea wood, pure leinen and local weave fabric. It has an ecologic flair and sympathy for the environment, while the garden is maintained.

The Hpa-An Lodge has a large dining area with excellent food, both regional and national. The Hpa-An Lodge has 18 Karen Cottages, 16 of the cottages are 1-bedrooms and two family cottages with three rooms for up to five people. Eleven of the 1-bedroom cottages have twin bedded rooms and five of them are twin.

With 45 sqm are five of the Karen Cottages Gemini and eleven doublerooms. Two Karen Family Duplex Cottages have three sleeping rooms. There is one room with a king size sofa, one room has two singles and the third room has a one. The family houses are divided on two floors with an outside stair.

The Hpa-An Lodge has a large dining area with excellent food, both regional and national. The Hpa-An Lodge is situated in the south state of Karen (or Ka-Yin), at the base of Mount Zwekabin and near the Than-Lwin River. 14 hours long direct fly to Yangon, followed by a four hours ride to Hpa-An Lodge.

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