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With free WiFi and a restaurant, Hotel Taw Win Yadanar offers accommodation in Hpa-an. LYangon Hostel - Little Hpa An Hostel. LYangon Hostel - Little Hpa An Hostel. Booking / access to Thiri Hpa An Hotel is included. Booking Hotel Gabana (Hpa-An), Hpa An on TripAdvisor:

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Here's something for you. Immersez-vous dans le patrimoine culturel de Hpa-an : Kayin State Cultural Museum. Whether you are planning a long-term stay or just a weekend trip, Hpa-an a the right accommodation for you. When you start planning your trip, you may wonder what is the best time of year to visit.

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Each cottage is built with this original Karen design that offers contemporary comfort. Not only are you staying here, you're enjoying your time. Each of our cabins is blended with the surrounding countryside to enhance the richness of indigenous vegetation and flowering that thrives in the hotel, creating an inviting haven that allows you to get back in touch with it.

Unwind and indulge in your breakfast cup of tea at our large outdoor heated outdoor terrace or have a cocktail on your terrace overlooking the stunning cliffs of Zwe Ka Bin.

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Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. Situated in Hpa An, the Thiri Hpa-An Hotel is ideal for corporate and recreational use. This hotel has everything you need for a pleasant holiday. In the hotel there is free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour reception, 24-hour room services, left-overs, Wi-Fi in common areas.

The Hpa-An Thiri Hotel is an ideal option for exploring Hpa An or just relaxing and rejuvenating. Kids are welcome in this hotel. You can pay by hotel debit or debit cards. Situated near the entry of Hpa An and near Zwekabin hills and Lombini gardens.

The hotel personnel is very kind and ready to help you, whatever you need or whenever you ask for the way. The hotel owners and personnel were kind. The hotel complex is in a very good area. There' s a car park in the hotel if you are driving. PLEASE NOTE THE HOTEL after a long walk in HPA AN if you want a hot showers.

Situated in the centre of everything that needs to be done. There was silence in the hotel lobby. It was a little weird for me in the showers. Add to "Favorite Hotels" Remove from "Favorite Hotels" at ???

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